Nubia Alpha smartphone in the form of a wristwatch


Announced unique is that the smartphone Nubia Alpha, made in the form of a wristwatch. Its equipment includes a flexible OLED screen, and he can work without being tied to a regular smartphone.

New Nubia Alpha costs 450 euros for the version without a cellular modem, but there is a version with eSIM and LTE support. The screen has a diagonal of 4 inches and a ratio of 36:9, that is, he is very elongated. Specs include battery 500 mAh, camera 5 MP, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of internal memory, an ancient Qualcomm Wear 2100 (three years), as well as the fitness function, pedometer, heart rate monitor, and so on.

Nubia Alpha runs on its own operating system, which is not kontachit neither with Android nor with iOS. In China, the smartphone will be available in April of this year, and in Europe until the third quarter. The price of the top version in eSIM is 550 euros, plus there is a modification, covered with 18-carat gold. It costs 650 euros. The price includes voice control and even touchless gestures.


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