Now lives the Faith that returned to fashion poetry


Как сейчас живет Вера Полозкова, которая вернула в моду поэзию

She introduced poetry into fashion a century later after this form of art has ceased to be massively popular. To listen to the lyrics, its authors collected huge halls of the public. And she just read the lyrics: no bright of the corps de ballet or circus — no need to show on stage is not happening. A talented poet Vera Polozkova is celebrating his 34th birthday. Whether there will be.


Faith — late for the child. Her mother was 39 years old when in her life had a daughter. Father the girl had almost forgotten: he did not communicate with his family and died when her daughter turned 7. But with her mother, they became best friends: after a long period of quarrels and insults they finally have no secrets from each other.


It was a happy childhood: Faith, sang in the choir, doing choreography, a good student in school and wrote poetry.

“My mother, no matter how much work she had, took me to a local dance Studio, an art school, in two different choirs at different times, in a modeling school when I was older. I had this number just! I’ve spent six years doing choreography. I sang, I was coming piano teacher. I was in an English school. At the age of thirteen I came to the open day at the faculty of journalism and realized that it was such a beautiful building that I need to learn — no matter what. I went to school of the young journalist. Left school, enrolled in the external studies, he graduated from two classes in one year”.


For admission to the budget Department of Faith is not enough one point. But her mother supported her: he took several jobs to pay the tuition of a daughter.


Faith is also not sitting idly by: in the first year of College, she published her first collection of poems. And collaborated with the magazines “Book review”, “Poster” and led the heading “Complicated history” in Russian Cosmopolitan:

“It was an amazing job. I was nineteen years old, and it seemed to me that in my life many problems that it’s not the way I wanted, and I don’t like and I don’t like myself at all. I talked with a very simple women — no celebrities, no supernational, who found the strength to move on. Three days after meeting with each of them I hated myself, because, first, I have no problems and never has been, and secondly, I’m a wuss who all the beauty around perceives as the obstacles and difficulties”.


In 2003, Faith creates a personal blog vero4ka (later mantrabox) on the then popular platform and, as they say, woke up a network celebrity. It is increasingly invited to poetry competitions and in the evening. Three years later she is awarded with the award “Poet of the year LJ”, after which Polozkova gives his first solo album in “Bulgakov’s house”.

Years of work in the Network result in the first major publication — the book “Nepoemanie” (2008), for which Faith gets a literary award “curiosities”.

“It’s very similar to how cotton candy do. Some wand gets you any piece of phrase, or rhythm, or size, or two words from two different stanzas, and begins to quietly-quietly spinning somewhere on the inside of the centrifuge, once driven around, something to look for him, something happens, sometimes not even very consciously, because you continue to live your everyday life. It is growing, growing, growing and finally getting some text — very often so that you’re not kept in mind.

I have had many times in my life when it was written the poem, it added three more verses, still cut off the beginning because it was already useless, and the poem taxied into a completely different direction. It all began for one, and then became absolutely about the other.”


In the same year, the poet released the book “Photosynthesis” with illustrations by photographer Olga Pawagi. She did not even realize that this book expects 3 reprints with a total circulation of over 40 thousand copies. Photosynthesis will be the first audiobook Skid in the author’s interpretation with the original soundtrack. In a few years it will be time to reissue 6 times in a row!
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