Now I will tell something about what one tries not to think


Сейчас расскажу кое-что, о чём никто старается не думать

On the background of the terrible tragedy in Kemerovo people again very emotionally involved with, argue about the causes and consequences of disasters, about fire safety in that ill-fated shopping center, on the organization of evacuation routes, fire suppression systems, and other things… It’s all right, we need to think it, but I want to tell you something.

You know that a huge number of people across the country living in ordinary apartment blocks, including myself, we are almost not protected from fire? You’ve seen the video from Kemerovo and the speed with which the fire spread and smoke – second. 5 minutes after the fire started and if you just smelled smoke, but found that already cut off by fire from the standard escape routes (ladders), your chances of survival decrease dramatically.

What is 5 minutes?

If the fire started on the 1st floor and you live on the 5th or on the 9th, then perhaps you will have time so quickly to feel the smoke and react? Okay, if it’s summer and Windows are open, and if it’s cold and all clogged? But if the house only elderly people or only children – they just don’t have time to quickly understand that the house is on fire, and adequately to react. Yes, moreover, and if everything happens at night and you’re just all sleeping?! Can you imagine that while you Wake up and realize that it stinks of burning, the fire may already be somewhere to blaze. If the fire spreads very fast, deadly smoke spreads even faster. 10-15 minutes after the fire started, if you haven’t found the way of salvation, we can already begin to remember the past life or to make farewell calls… No joke.

But worst of all, of course, the situation with those who live in high-rise buildings, although residents of the upper floors of “Khrushchev” also need advance to worry about their safety and to provide an alternative way of salvation. We all try not to think about it, not to worry “in vain”, but, as practice shows, very often: salvation <s>drowning</s> burning – the handiwork of <s>drowning</s> burning.

For understanding the speed with which the fire spreads and the smoke video from Kemerovo (where and why it has gone more than 3 minutes of recording when the fire started (time at the top of the screen) don’t ask – I don’t know):

What happens when the fire actually?

First, we need to understand that while the fire Department received signal, while the crews will dive and start, until the drive up to the house, until you take away the parked cars near the house to put fire trucks on “position” (and “pumpers” – they are overall), until you find a working hydrant and extended stops (if it is a car with a ladder)… You know how much time passes? And the bill, as you remember, goes on seconds.

Second, regarding the salvation of men, cut off by fire on the upper floors:

Our fire trucks standard ladder only to get to the 5th floor. At the same time, not every ladder will decay to such a height – is influenced by the distance between the amps.machine and house, and also technical condition of the stairs. Stairs that really got to 9 floor, even in a large city – times-two and obchelsya. You have to understand that the time of entrance of the machine with such a high ladder can be quite significant (approx. but if the fire occurs in the “rush hour”?!). About a higher the stairs I did not even say – they are few and not in every major city they in principle are. But high-rise buildings of 10-20 storeys now built near where many (approx. I wonder if the presence of such fire equipment that can reach high floors somehow linked to the issuance of building permits is so high? anyone know? and how it looks is to walk down a wobbly in the wind staircase, for example, from the 15th floor?!)

Fire tents, which people could jump, almost there (approx.: at least almost all the videos about the salvation of people from the upper floors, which I watched, such awnings firefighters were absent). Why? Because these awnings, first, unsafe: because it is difficult to keep such a tent is when a person jumps from a high floor, because there is a high risk of injury for those people that this tent hold (approx. I understand that the last factor is the main motive why these awnings we have a very rarely used fire). Secondly, for the retention of such a tent requires a lot of people, and firefighters when they arrived, always small and clearly not enough of them to stretch out this tent (approx. there is the statutory requirement from 10 to 40 people to hold the awning, depending on its size). But they need more and roll out the hoses, and hydrants to look for, etc., etc. (approx. on the other hand, what can be more immediate help to those people who at any moment in front of everyone can burn alive?!)

Inflatable cube, we are not. At least I have not seen any video of a large fire, where such a device was used to rescue people. The impression is that they are stored only for performances at competitions of Boys and firefighters.

Before 9 etazhki on the loggias/balconies were provided for fire stairs above the 5th floor, but many cut them down, laid hatches.

New homes are now provided with a “nezadymlyaemye” ladders that are separate from the apartments and elevators, but this way of salvation is still only for those who will react quickly, because in the event of a significant fire in the smoke is to breathe and there will be nothing (approx. including the fact that you can start burning vent.the facades and/or external insulation is now common construction technology, and quite often builders use cheap, flammable materials instead of expensive fireproof, in this case the fire spreads not only inside the house but also outside).

In new homes everywhere is the fire alarm, but as the experience of all the major fires of recent years, those alarms are disabled everywhere.

Thus, we all try not to think about bad, sad and including the possibility of fire, but actually very many of us are at risk and most in case of fire there is not even any hope for salvation… That’s some fucked up, to be honest.

I think here you need to change something. And if the state to demand something can be quite long, then at least for themselves need a little care.


P. S. And for understanding the extremeness of the situation with the fire:

Fire in Vladivostok:

P. S. 2 about a fire in Kemerovo, by the way, almost all lost, as I understand it, is the movie theatres, which were located near the Playground, where the fire began, and which quickly left the halls. Fire alarm in the shopping centre didn’t work, as the sprinkler system, the show is not interrupted, the light in the screens does not turn on, and after a couple of minutes after the fire started, on the contrary, the electricity shorted out and died (not everywhere). Some viewers, apparently, have not heard from warning about the fire (in halls ran someone to warn), or people too long to get ready, or do not give value for a single cry (the show lasted because, remember, was, as I understand it, the end of the film, the denouement – perhaps someone decided to watch until the end, if not re-signals any). In a few minutes, when people tried to get into the hallway, there was only the smoke can not see anything, breathe almost nothing. Adults with children decided to take refuge indoors and wait for the rescuers, tried to open the emergency exit that was locked, broke the lock, but there also there was smoke everywhere. After waiting about 15 minutes (losing precious time) a single person decided to try to break for help (they hoped for a quick professional help). At the same time, their children the man left in the cinema, where, as he supposed they would be safer… the Man lost consciousness after a few meters, but rescuers found and saved. To people in cinemas rescuers not reached

Do not pay attention to the calmness and equanimity of Michael Trusov in the video above, when he tells his scary story is included protective mechanisms of the psyche that make people like to ignore the emotions and the situation. In addition, he probably stuffed a sedative.

Through the information channels we have had many messages about the fact that people supposedly couldn’t get out of the cinemas, called loved ones and said goodbye… most of the reason immediately decided that these people were somehow closed/blocked in the halls, that they were almost deliberately closed the doors jammed and so on and so forth. I just all these versions seemed incredible: how is it possible to imagine that usher someone close while watching a movie?! And if you want to use the toilet? And then suddenly in the start of the fire (no explosion, which could cause deformation of the structures), the door jam so that it adrenalinovye adults will not be able to break?! Such nonsense seems to be normal and even, it seemed, smart people was broadcast, do not hesitate… and came out in the end: found the video, all doors were open. Thus, the adults inside the cinema halls, inadequately slow to respond to the warning (which was unintelligible, it is necessary to mention once again, and one of the halls, it is highly likely that nobody has informed on the beginning of the fire) and then took the fateful decision to stay…



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