Now for sure: scientists have named the bloody date of the day of judgment


Теперь точно: ученые назвали кровавую дату судного дняSome of the most high-profile theories about how Armageddon will happen.

As we all know, 2012 was to be the last year of human existence. Then, the scientists, the winter solstice, December 21, ended a cycle on the Mayan calendar, and it marked the beginning of Armageddon. After it became clear that no end of the world happened, began to say that the Apocalypse is just ahead.

After that, each year is considered the latest, and 2018 is no exception. There are some of the most high-profile theories, when it will happen and how.

The flood

American Professor James Hansen claims that in the spring of 2018 asunder a climatic hell on earth. He said that nearly six months, without ceasing to rain. Britain, Spain and Italy will be under water, India will cover a monstrous tsunami. After the flood the whole world. The Professor bases his predictions on data about climate change and cause global warming.


It is not excluded that this year we will destroy the meteorite or comet. This time with such a forecast was made by the hopi Indians, referring to their own ancient texts.

The tribal elders even held a meeting with the us administration to warn humanity, but the space Agency to daily monitor all objects that could potentially fall to the Ground. While there is no such, you can sleep peacefully.


Interpreters of Nostradamus say that the prophet predicted in 2018 the beginning of a huge war between Christians and Muslims.

Also on this outcome of events, the seer said Susan de Vera. In her words this year, Korea will start a nuclear war.

The Arrival Of The Antichrist

French conspiracy theorist Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigo, theorized that on June 24, 2018 the Antichrist will come. His words he backed up with quotations from the book “Revelation”.

“To act and he was given authority for 42 months. The wisdom here. Calculate the number of the beast having a mind, for this number human; its number is 666.”

Performing calculations on the basis of the text of the conspiracy and received date.


Many famous psychics, conspiracy theorists, scientists and visionaries have put forward many theories. This and the reptilians from Nibiru or other higher beings that have long been secretly rule us. It is the emergence of some of the next prophet. Or epidemic diseases, viruses and so on.


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