Notorious, pharmacy 86% – they have not the power, they have always been like that


Пресловутые, аптечные 86% - они не за власть, они всегда были такими

In our political life came the fatal number 86. Sociologists do not get tired to report that 86% of respondents support and endorse all actions of the government. Besides, they hate America, Europe and Ukraine, as well as liberals, gays and lesbians, migrants, foreigners, infidels and the opposition…

They believe everything they say and show on TV. They like Lenin, Stalin and Tsar-Martyr Nicholas. They believe in the existence of aliens, damage and the evil eye, of a global conspiracy against Russia, world government, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. They believe in the healing properties of all the stories of healthy lifestyle. They believe that life’s going down, the dollar will collapse and we will soon restore the USSR and will fly to the moon and then to Mars…

However, they are dissatisfied with rising prices and low pensions, but are convinced that Obama is to blame.

As usual, split the educated class fight over a third person. At the end of the XIX century in Russia there was an argument about the peasantry. In the early twentieth century — about the working class. And now talking about “people in General”. About those damn 86%.

Some (so called liberals) are scared, ignorant and stupid too much and it’s awful, it’s overwhelming, can’t breathe, where are we going, what is the fate of our country, etc. Other (so called patriots), on the contrary, condemn the first for a, pardon the expression, “realism”, that is snobbery and contempt for the common people.

Calm down, gentlemen. You make two mistakes.

First, 86% and 80%. Four-fifths, in other words. 6% explicitly threw sociologists. With a dual purpose. To flatter the authorities. To give the figure the appearance of objectivity. Not 80% and not 90%, namely 86%. Well just as the pharmacy.

Secondly, four-fifths is nevozmojnosti at least poorly educated, incapable of rational reasoning and calm consideration of another point of view, and also (whether as a result of newcoast, whether by itself) is meaningless cruel people.

So it was with all the authorities. Under Pericles, Julius Caesar, Saint Louis, Ivan the terrible, Peter the Great and Nicholas the Bloody. Under Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill. When Kennedy and Khrushchev. And with the further authorities and leaders until the present day.

And when leaders from the beginning of the list (i.e., under Julius Caesar, or Ivan the terrible), these people were actually 99%, I won’t be upset tenths.

It is the people who diligently and work hard in the field or at the factory, and in recent decades — in the office and behind the counter. Work, to put it mildly, always. And strictly speaking — hopeless. That is, without any possibility to seriously change the fate. But it is not caused by the desire sacrificially to help the country and its citizens.

The phrase “farmers feed us bread,” or “workers make for us, the car and furniture,” or “the seller is for us behind the counter” is either a metaphor on the verge of cheating, or ignorance at the level of the ninth grade of high school.

Well, or something very comical tolstoyism: good cultivators carries a freshly baked loaf as a gift to the count-writer, “the great treacle of the Russian land”.

No! They work because they earn their living, clothing and housing, that’s all. They shall not labour — will die of hunger, and that they certainly do not want. So there is no reason to make a fetish of the fact that some citizens early every morning, go to the hard work.

Of course, these people in the majority of cases are not to blame in this gloomy social area. But certainly as tasoulas and fell. More. Some amount of thrust and gifted people constantly knocked up. But about as many people lethargic and stupid at the same time goes down. In these four-fifths.

These people should not be blamed for their ignorance: they, I repeat, not to blame. Further, these people have full human, civil and political rights, of course, including suffrage. Any attempt to restrict these rights is fraught with the collapse of the entire socio-political structure of the modern state, and should — in my opinion! — resolutely suppressed.

But in any case can not rely on their opinions, values and life aspirations. Because these people in no way are not the fount of morality.

On the contrary. They, as history shows, smash and killed during St. Bartholomew’s and Crystal nights, lynched blacks, ratting on friends, neighbors, and acquaintances personally, not movie stars and military leaders, and when their town comes the train with the deported Volga Germans to throw the elderly and children lumps of dirt, shouting “Fascists!”.

They buy shares in the Bank of John law, the companies of the Panama canal and MMM. They support and approve any power and joyfully repeat the words heard on the radio or from state propagandists.

They’re not even immoral. Amorality — this is also an ethical doctrine that requires a certain tension of mind and some knowledge. They are usually immoral, that is, outside of morality. They are almost inaccessible categories of good and evil, beyond their everyday life, beyond immediate personal gain. It is momentary, because to think about any long-term consequences of their actions they are not.

When you read about the atrocities of fascist invaders and their accomplices on Soviet territory, before the eyes rises the mass of similar stories. The man went to the policemen to the Germans, so satisfying to live (as before for the same were held in the Soviet militia). People were coming from the Bazaar, saw the people of the Jews to the land of buried alive. They began to benefits. But would go the other way or in another hour and would not have committed “crimes against humanity”.

Oh, not about humanity it! He doesn’t even understand that word. Where there! Talking about a simple calculation: is he suddenly an accomplice of the Nazis actually thought that the Nazi Reich had won, and finally established in our land? That the Red army will never return to this land, and any retaliation will not be? I assure you it is nothing like thought.

Yeah! So, he thought he was going to run away from the returning of the Communists in Germany? Together with their new owners? No! He did nothing thought nothing planned. He was just killed along with everyone. Because his soul was unspent (and always updated) the charge of malice, cruelty, hatred.

Where this pointless hatred?

Rather, initially, pointless, all-encompassing anger, rage and the urge to bite somebody next, and then aggressively seeking your object, whom to hate, whom to kill — and happily finding it. Where? From dark and bad manners of the soul. People from the nature of the beast, and how to write. in the first century BC, “Omneis homines, qui sese student praestare ceteris animalibus, summa ope niti decet”, which translated means “All people who want to surpass the other animals should strive with all my might… not to live like a beast, which is only dependent on its stomach.” Try to become human beings, i.e. beings with reason, honor and compassion.

The same thing happened and by the occupants. They are gradually drawn into the massacre of civilians. In both senses of the word. Was involved, commanders, and themselves somehow gradually drawn into the case. Despite hypocritically noble “ten commandments of a German soldier”, distributed to the troops before the invasion. Say, a German soldier is a knight, fighting not with people but with Judeo-Bolsheviks, and the people he is protector, liberator and so on. But the knight knight, and the smell of fresh blood is stronger than any of the commandments. It is not true that civilians destroyed only the SS, and that is not all, but only in black uniforms, and the rest were just soldiers. Alas, no.

I read amazing memoirs of German pilots. First, they naturally vomit from fear and disgust to themselves after the bombings of peaceful neighborhoods. And then calmed down. Then I used to, drawn to, fascinated. And three months later, returning to the airfield after air combat and seeing on the ground, a wagon with a peasant or child, wandering with a knapsack, don’t deny yourself the pleasure to decline and hunting. Way of the gun low-level flight.

Then, not later, after the surrender and captivity, they repented. It was a penitential memoir. Written — an important clarification! — during the forced de-Nazification.

Just out of the blue, four-fifths of the population never repents.

But seriously and authoritatively asked, putting a tank in his native lane and put a gun to the head, then with a sweet soul. And repent, and he rags on the breast will tear, and the head with ashes strew — excuse me, your ashes or to bring with them? Exactly. Will be done.

Yes there are pilots technically savvy, but is quite simple guys. Writer Heinrich Boll admits that at first with contempt watched all this Orgy of looting that took place on occupied land, when officers and soldiers were sent to the Reich everything that can be Packed, from jewellery and textiles to any food. But then also became involved and carried away. Wrote mom, here, say, cooked hard-boiled two dozen eggs and select send greetings from Russia.

I want to hope and believe that the great German writer, humanist and moralist all the same did not participate in the destruction of civilians. But there remains the problem of immediate personal gain and the German invaders and Russian collaborators, and peaceful Soviet citizens, millions of scribbled denunciations, acted not so much out of ferocity, but because of the desire to snatch a piece of fabric for a costume, a sewing machine, the position in the trust, the extra room in a communal apartment.

But this is savagery of the highest order to kill a neighbor for the right thing in the economy.

To exterminate or enslave an entire people for its fields, mines and factories. There to understand that sooner, cruelty or greed. Perhaps it’s some kind of a primary, undifferentiated, infant-brutal desire to eat, thereby killing. And then to kill to eat. And finally, to kill just. Tickling your senses, vividly Recalling the saturation (or belly, or emotions — without a difference).

Do not have illusions about four-fifths. They are also 80%.

However, it remains culture. That which from the earliest times has forbidden people incest and cannibalism, that is, through clear logical steps, banned rape and murder. The task of the educated and intelligent people, in the words of Sallust, “summa ope niti”. It is best to try to 80% turned 75, 70, 60%… To the darkness and hatred which it engenders retreating, shrinking before under the hot light of reason.

But Woe to the state where the political class for the sake of short-term profit betting on all the most dark and evil people.

There’s really 80% can become 86% and the 99%. As in the days of Julius Caesar, or Ivan the terrible. We need it?



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