Not whether Russia followed the United States out of the Paris climate agreement?


Не следует ли России вслед за США выйти из Парижского соглашения по климату?

recently the President of the United States Donald trump signed a decree abolishing the “clean energy Plan” Barack Obama, aimed at combating climate change. Practically, this means that trump renounces Paris agreement. Recall that this agreement will replace the existing 1997 Kyoto Protocol will enter into force by the time it ends in 2020 for those countries that have signed the framework Convention of UN on climate change. Participating countries – and that almost all members of the United Nations pledge to take comprehensive action to limit global temperature rise “significantly less than 2 degrees Celsius.”

Russia, note the number of signatories from April 2016 And to withdraw from the agreement does not intend, although the Kyoto Protocol came early in 2012

After the decision of trump also it is time to ask the question: does Russia need the Paris agreement?

Because in our country trampoline continues for more than a year and events in the U.S. we take more than in your own country, let us again turn our eyes (and thoughts?) overseas. Maybe there is something Yes, learn…

It is quite clear that the Paris agreement is contrary to the views of trump’s development strategy of energy and industry US because it is not that other, as attempt non-market discrimination by the environmental policy (pressure), first of all, traditional hydrocarbons (gas, oil and coal). Trump says: “If something is hurting American industry, we will not do this”.

The story of the Paris agreement is very similar to the story of the Kyoto Protocol, which America signed but not ratified.


The logic of U.S. actions in both cases the same: first, involve the majority of countries in some global game, to impose extremely strict rules, forced to fork over large sums, and then suddenly to abandon their obligations.


So it was with the Kyoto Protocol, but in this case, no one and nothing to pay not in time. For what then was conceived all this American show?

Up his way, Barack Obama, and the Paris climate agreement was made December 12, 2015, following the conference in Paris. This, according to organizers of the agreement, was to demonstrate a consolidated mankind’s response to alleged global warming, which is most of mankind is guilty because all its civilizational activity created the preconditions for planetary climate change. As a result of these changes, and all the weather anomalies occurring in the world.

In the evidence of this rather controversial conclusion core was the thesis that the main cause of global warming is the release of industrial carbon in the atmosphere. Resulting in the so-called greenhouse effect, which leads to a sharp temperature rise on the surface of our planet. The intensive melting of the Arctic and Greenland. In the near future rise in Global sea level. The water will flood London, new York, Tokyo and other coastal cities. This will lead to mass epidemics. Melt mountain glaciers that feed the river, and start problems with fresh water, which will fight tomorrow as we did today for oil, etc.



Similar “horror stories” scare the shit out of humanity to such an extent that it was prepared to pay any money for the opportunity to live in a normal climate conditions.


The main idea of the Paris agreement (and Kyoto) is to create a global mechanism to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A fierce advocate of this idea was former U.S. Vice President al Gore, which released the book under the intriguing title “an Inconvenient truth” and a lengthy documentary of the same name. (By the way, the First TV channel of Germany, the same Gore announces his new film about the terrible disasters that supposedly await humanity of trump about the release of the Paris agreement: hurricanes, fires, earthquakes…). Facing the threat of natural disasters the world’s leading countries signed the agreement in Kyoto on a sharp reduction in industrial carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Prime Ministers at a special meeting discussed how to deal with the rise in Global sea level. In American schools was introduced as a compulsory subject “Global warming”. Al Gore received the Nobel prize.

It is clear that Mountains with all of its “ecological” ideas trump is the representative of a hostile democratic clan, but it is curious that his decision trump explained not by political motives. In his opinion, the anthropogenic contribution to global warming is “fake, industry for the extortion of money”. Maybe he was referring to the fact that in 2010 the media in different countries asserted that Gore made hundreds of millions of dollars on the subject of climate change, and George Soros intends to earn hundreds of billions in trade quotas, which he controls? Besides, we now know that Obama owns part of the Chicago Mercantile exchange, which sells these carbon credits (quotas on emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere).


Thus, the Paris agreement as a continuation of the Kyoto Protocol is, in fact, part of a world plan, where under the name of global warming (due to quotas) are imposed to limit the growth of industrial production and economy.


To put it mildly, only a naive person would think that the leading Nations of the world set out to solve is beyond the control of mankind for the problem is to limit the global temperature rise. Thousands of scientists know that whole theory about the human factor in global warming is actually a global Scam. Examples of this are innumerable. To name only the most famous of them. A respected Professor of climatology University of Winnipeg Tim Bol, founder of the weather channel The Weather Channel John Coleman; the Danish researcher, environmentalist and economist Bjorn Lomborg, Professor Emeritus, University of Melbourne Ian Plimer, many other scientists claim that the theory about the human factor in global warming is at least a mistake, if not a hoax.

Scientists were able to restore in detail the course of the temperature over 800 thousand years in the column of ice, which took in Antarctica. The authors of this work are the participants of the European project for drilling of the Antarctic ice sheet (EPICA). It was found that during this period there were eight periods of warming, which alternated with long cold periods. According to the Director of the Institute of geography RAS, academician Vladimir Kotlyakov, head of the second Soviet Antarctic expedition and Russian scientists, watching the snow Pole of inaccessibility of Antarctica, the weight of ice and snow of the continent over the last 50 years were significantly increased (not decreased, as claimed by the same al Gore).

Vladimir Kotlyakov says that in West Antarctica, which is located in warmer temperatures, the retreat of the ice (as shown on TV). But in the Eastern part of the continent, where the bulk of glaciers, on the contrary, his number is now growing (that TV show). “Despite the fact that over the last decade the amount of carbon dioxide has increased by half, global temperatures rose only a few tenths of a degree. This means that the “natural machine” while copes with our (anthropogenic) intervention in nature (natural processes). I believe that humanity is no apocalyptic scenario is not threatening, and it should be easy to live and work, not forgetting the possible upcoming cold”, — said Kotlyakov.


Recently, researchers from the British University of Northumbria also came to the conclusion that the world entered the little ice age, thus confirming the version of the Russian scientists about the impending cooling of the planet.


So what is still associated variations in climatic temperatures? It was concluded that constant changes of warm or cold period due to periodic changes in the Earth’s orbit.

But the man in the street for tens of years is total lies hammered into his head about the false tenets of the “ozone hole” and “greenhouse effect”, they cleverly tied to the “famous scientists” who were so unscrupulous that “scientifically” justified all the “environmental” nonsense of politicians. But man, with its capabilities to global levels of impact on the earth’s climate in the next hundred years will not come, if it comes ever. For this reason the person can follow their activities at the regional level and to control the environmental pollution with toxic substances, and household waste. Professor Sergey Gulev, Institute of Oceanology, RAS before the start of the Kyoto Protocol quite reasonably stated that it “primarily an economic document, not the climate”.

Add: for noisy political games around the problems of ecology are quite definite economic interests. The same Paris agreement is a big deal in which perhaps the most important member of the world Bank. There has developed a special program of action according to which there is “to assist developing countries to increase renewable energy production to 30 gigawatts” (RES) by 2020, covering 40 countries and the mobilization for this task 25 billion in private investment. Special attention is paid to Africa, where it invested 5.7 billion dollars. And only in the world by 2020, the aggregate amount of such financing could reach 29 billion dollars. USA.

Developing countries say they need financial and technological help to immediately jump on the “carbon-free” economy. But today is not a secret that “carbon-free” economy with a tax on greenhouse gas emissions are net product of the global “politicologie”. So, the Paris agreement commits developed countries to support the financing of this sum of 100 billion dollars annually up to 2020, and pushed her to agree to 2025 for continued funding of this process. In General, we are talking about “greening the financial sector” and, among other things, state budgets. And about the “political stability” and “strong institutions” to raise the investment climate “in order”. And ultimately this is just another excuse to make a global impact on local policy.

Widespread dissatisfaction among Western politicians and officials, caused by the decision of Donald trump to get out of the Paris agreement, due to does not care about the environment.


As strange as it may seem at first glance, but, according to many analysts, over the next antithrombosis campaign this time is “coal”.


More specifically – the interests of a group of countries that refused coal and CHP, which are thus deprived themselves of an important tool in the energy confrontation with the United States, China and Russia continue to mine coal and it is not going to stop using it.

These countries are concerned about the possible loss of the impact that acquired “ekodenge” seeking to take the place of petrodollars (a purely American invention!) and those of traditional money, which brings the coal. In addition, if the US withdrawal from the Paris agreement will untie his hands and save the coal industry, the EU may appear again to those countries that will begin to develop a “coal” policy. This, for example, the United Kingdom, although it leaves the European Union, Belgium and Poland, where in the recent past, the coal industry has traditionally been beneficial for the economy. Trump, by the way, is the politico-economic wing, which defends the interests of CHP and coal in the American economy.


The assertion that the Kyoto Protocol (respectively, and the Paris agreement) – a global Scam of the late XX – early XXI century aimed at curbing the developing countries, including Russia, has long been a popular place.


And participation of our country, except some higher political meanings, inaccessible to the understanding of the layman, it is impossible to explain. In a recent speech at the forum “Arctic – territory of dialogue” Vladimir Putin also questioned the dependence of climate change from anthropogenic factors. “The question is not how to prevent it. It is impossible, it may be due to some sort of global cycles on earth, etc. I agree that the question is how to adapt to it”, – said the President of the Russian Federation.

But after the signing of the Paris agreement, the Minister of natural resources Sergey Donskoy noted that action to combat climate change meet the interests of Russia: according to the Ministry, the warming is happening in Russia is 2.5 times faster than the average for the Earth. And stated that Russia’s participation in the Paris climate agreement will be a stimulus for the modernization of the economy and production, as well as for reforestation of the country.

These Ministerial thesis raise many questions, in particular, on forests. Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the UN conference on climate in Paris (2015), stressed that the new agreement should be recorded the important role of forests as major sinks of greenhouse gases. He noted that for Russia, which has immense forest resources and does much to preserve the “lungs” of the planet, it is especially important.

Indeed, the largest forest on the planet is Siberian taiga. It is in the territory of the Russian Federation. Taiga forests cover more than 79% of the entire forest Fund of Russia, and extend over 9 thousand km. Our Siberian forests themselves are able to bring the state billions in profits (which is almost and the President spoke in Paris). But environment Minister somehow forgot to lay the account of the absorption of resources of the Russian territories in the reporting system. Lost profits from lack of absorption into account resource according to expert estimates, amounts to more than $ 30 billion. annually.

Recall that the Siberian taiga provides oxygen to the entire Northern hemisphere of our Earth. In Russia there are about 25% of the world’s forests. Less trees left in Europe, forests cover only one-third of its territory. And, for example, in England they are almost gone: only 6% of land given over to parks and plantations.


Thus, Russia not only provides half the world with clean air at their own expense, but also pays those countries that actively pollute the atmosphere.


Plus, because of the participation in the Paris agreement new tax burden on the Russian economy will amount to 31 billion dollars. in a year or more. The real sector is only beginning to revive after the economic downturn and is not prepared to pay that kind of money. To speak about the end user and does not have to. Because the producers will try to shift costs to those who pay for products and services.

In addition, the agreement imposes on all countries the obligation to reduce by 2030 greenhouse gas emissions by 30% compared to the volumes of 1990, since the emissions depends on the pace of economic development: the more loaded with orders and factories, the more they pollute the environment. Thus, the agreement restricts Russia’s economic growth at 1.5% per year, which puts stringent and unacceptable barriers to the development of the Russian economy.

Continue to follow the imposed crushing terms “environmental” protocols and the new Paris agreement, developed under the auspices of hypothetical conventions, the UN created politicologie only the desire to destroy the Russian coal industry and several more industries. Practically this can lead to a vassal of the multinational corporations and, consequently, to the loss of state sovereignty. So, maybe we should follow the US example?


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