Not when even the Cossacks did not live so well as now


Ни когда еще казаки не жили так хорошо как сейчас


Ни когда еще казаки не жили так хорошо как сейчас

center Nicholas Carpenter


The enemies of the Cossacks tried hard to instill the idea that Cossacks are oppressed, do not give, they say, they turn around and return to ancestral roots.

What nonsense, you just have to take a sober look, but rather to look around.

Never has the government not done so much for the Cossacks, as it is now.

The law on rehabilitation of repressed Cossacks took the Cossack generals Cossacks back Cossack Troops revived.

The law on State Service of Russian Cossacks adopted. Money on any reasonable goals — take as many as you need! The registry? Anybody by force does not drag. You do not want to live without the registry, without support still will not leave, will pick up the slack.

Here for example, Ryazan Chieftain Joiner, generic, Zaporizhia Cossack from a remote village Harku, anywhere is not, but we need the money to put on, clothe Cossacks — you please, Nicholas, 300 thousand from the budget.

He wanted Nikolai to explore the legacy of the white General Mikhail Skobelev, no problem, here you a grant of almost 1.5 million.

“Night wolves”, The favorites, have had only 600 thousand, Mal almshouse — was refused, and the Chieftain of the Carpenter for a good cause — not bad!

What king in any era Cossacks the money given? In the war and then only 10-20% of the right paid.

What king what times suit the Cossacks fairs and festivals at their own expense? What king kept at his own expense the Cossack choruses?

In Soviet times, and that the Cossacks heard nothing but about the Cossack troops and the generals even think it was impossible.

Who says that the Cossacks do not give plaguing?

You could think simple kid — a Cossack from Kharkiv that after forty years of having only police education behind them, will listen open-mouthed professors — historians, and he is to tell them about the valiant General Skobelev. Tell even not the Professor bet that not more than 650 rubles per academic hour, and for Milen!

You could think simple kid — a Cossack from Kharkiv that will become the police Commissioner of the International police Association? Who would he be allowed, at least in the Tsar, though in Soviet times!

And you say, attention to the Cossacks of little from the state, but the state is us, the Cossacks, except that the hand is not!

And you could think simple kid-Kazak Andrey Datsenko, what will become of the Cossack General? Yes I would! Is that an astronaut be wanted like everyone else.

Well, there is, of course, we must remember that the base of such opportunities was laid by the Soviet state, Soviet education is not standardized tests.

From a lack of education and went all the confusion in the minds of the Cossacks, still can’t decide, the people, the nation or class.

Even generic Zaporizhzhya Cossack ataman Nikolai Mikhailovich does not deny, the homeland of the Cossacks of Ryazan, about it is first mentioned in the Chronicles as the ancestral home of the Cossacks and their families in Zaporizhia and all the others only took 200 years after Catherine drove the Cossacks of Ryazan Ryazan. About it in 6th grade history lessons told.

But modern anthropologists say that the Ryazan phenotype and genotype of the individual, one of six known in the world. That is in the world can say, only six Nations, from which it happened.

So if the Cossacks want to recognize themselves as a separate nation, we should accept their Ryazan origin, or to choose from the remaining five on your own — there are Mongoloid, African and others still. European, of course, is more than any other, but it does not separate.

Here the Terek and Siberian, Ural and semirechensky Cossacks for the most part do not deny, and remember that their ancestors from Ryazan came. Don something to resist, although it is said with a Ryazan accent, and farm all pokazyvali Ryazan Meshchera names.

And what you the king of the universities for the Cossacks opened? But the man Vladimir Putin in Moscow and the don Cossack opened the Universities! Learn — do not want!

Want to serve — serve! Cossack units to help you! In all districts. What is really more?

Don’t want to serve, sing and dance, and give money, and the bus for the tour, the stage at the festival! What more could you want?

Putin is a lot of votes scored. Why? The main and probably the only reason the Cossacks have never lived so well as under Putin. Whom my words seem funny, he just has a short memory.

The grass is green, eyes sharp, Brezhnev alive, get up with Pioneer dawn, beauty. In the morning going to school for a Breakfast briefing, “do not say something extra”. Drinking circle. Clothes nasty. Food nasty. On TV, two channels, three programs. Aerobics began to show — Ah-Ah, girls in socks, delight, Dugopolje, like we had people to bring to the gaiter so reacted.

Then the 90s killed that killed. Corruption does not like the current one, put in the office of the bandit, and he took as tribute from all who came. The word of the era — “che?” Factories closed packs — why? Guys are traded, feet in a puddle, the product’s the shoulders, buzzing, evening alcohol Piano — why? The girls all sluchaet — but what? Where cops are, where the bandits do not understand — why?

Now a real life with all its Philistine pleasures. Saturday in Auchan, car loan, apartment mortgage, five times a year abroad, butt naked, and still five times a year abroad. But become a popdance, onesis in 1977, tell us about your problems – “in Thailand, the rays, in Egypt, burned, bought an apartment and the Elevator is not working”. If you are in 1977, was behind the cordon, no matter where, you are God, and touching you can treat psoriasis.

In short, the Cossacks are now generally comfortable. Kazak sees the person with whom he felt comfortable. And Cossack chooses it again and again.

The tenure of power? Yes, it’s probably not good. Well, so me! No, sitting, pouted, “we are in this tent do not participate, we will not go, we are above this blah-blah-blah”. And what prevents to come? Here’s Titov. Would choose Titova! Came would have chosen. Normal people Here you Grudinin. The same thing, but with strawberries. In the end, Sobchak. A normal girl with brains. “They slipped us mode”. “They would not be allowed to win.”

Real life is hell, and nobody wants to change it globally.

The Cossacks never lived so well as under Putin!

Ни когда еще казаки не жили так хорошо как сейчас

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