Not responsible for those who are crippled


Не в ответе за тех, кого покалечили

In the city Park were rescued injured owl. The exhausted bird was sent to a rehabilitation center. It turned out that she had a broken wing was missing feathers, and almost completely absent tail.

In the country every day there are cases of animal cruelty. Some citizens are ignoring Russian laws in respect of our smaller brethren. And then in crowded places, on vacation and in the parks you can meet people, holding on a leash a variety of owls, rabbits, foxes, monkeys, snakes, and other fauna.

Tourists support cruelty to animals by agreeing to shooting with the seeded model. Small children do not pass order not to Pat the animal. Only one day he passes through a thousand hands, each time more and more losing their feathers or wool.

Should I explain that often hosts specially injure animals: break their wings, stuffed with the pills so they couldn’t run away or fly away. Confiscated animals are sent to shelters and rehabilitation centres, but their fate remains in question. After recovery they could be let go into the wild, but most likely crippled animal will not be able to exist and to survive in the wild among other predators.

Models with the crippled bodies and the fates are sent to shelters, where they are doomed to a meaningless existence. But not only wild animals end up in shelters. More recently, favorite cats and dogs, which parents bought for their children after a while are necessary to nobody, abandoned, neglected, exposed to the street.

The world is not without kind people. There are those who are willing to help the poor injured animals, providing shelters, food, water, necessities or financial support.

Some take animals under guardianship, but ordinary citizens are no such opportunities to provide the animals with food constantly. In such a situation for abandoned animals and defends the state. It allocates from the budget funds, which are then sent to the content available. In the cultural capital of the acting Governor in this case has allocated 5 million rubles. Naturally to qualify for funds can only be socially oriented non-profit organizations that deal with animals. Alexander Beglov has already signed the corresponding document.

You need to understand some children and many irresponsible people that need to take care of animals taken and tamed for fun. It’s not things and not toys with which to play and forget.


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