Not only volcanoes: the Yellowstone raged a huge geyser


Не только вулканы: в Йеллоустоуне разбушевался огромный гейзер The eruption triggered by the volcano’s activity in recent time.

In Yellowstone again quietly: geyser called Stembottom Jazerom began to erupt, this is the ninth time. First activity was recorded on March fifteenth.

As noted by experts, the eruption was accompanied by earthquakes (after all, the force of the geyser is decent), but for some reason, the seismic activity had not occurred in the epicenter area and to the North-East.

A mild earthquake registered in the region 114 of the Grand Loop Road. It is noteworthy that the tremors in the area also accompanied the eighth eruption of the geyser, which happened a week ago.

Moving magma, according to the theory, Mary Greeley, a fully reformed system of underground reservoirs of the geysers in the Norris basin. This provoked a new eruption of Steambot Jezera. It is not excluded that now the natural formation will erupt all summer and autumn.

Numerous underground processes eventually can lead to the fact that the crust under the Yellowstone Caldera will crack it and cause a real chaos.


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