Not in money happiness


Не в деньгах счастье

Some people understand happiness so, others differently. I think that happiness is the totality of all sensations and feelings of a person in a state of complete unification of his desires with its capabilities.

Of course, that the pursuit of happiness is the desire to make your life lighter, more joyful, more comfortable and definitely well-fed and healthy. Agree, how can a man be happy when he sees that his children are starving ? Or perhaps people can be happy when they see that their children get sick ?

At the same time you should not try to turn your house into a “full Cup” and to surround yourself with luxury, especially excessive. In the best case this will lead to complacency and laziness of the soul, the absence of incentives and the desire to do anything at all.

That is, such a person more won’t need anything in life, nothing will ever “excite” his blood. He will be glad full prosperity achieved in this life by himself or obtained them by inheritance.

Well, those who are still in the beginning of life, it is not necessary to build their “castles in the air” or “in the clouds”. It will be naive to hope that he is the smartest and most business that he, one of many millions of people will be able to earn a lot of money and become a “godfather to the king and matchmaker to the Minister”.

But, in fairness, it should be noted that all the money necessary for normal human existence and his family. At least in order to be able to buy their children clothes and food.

By the way, people having high income, it is necessary to consider that consumption of increasingly expensive and sophisticated imported food is not always good for their health, especially people from other countries and continents.

You should also consider that the expensive seafood and delicacies are often infected with various parasites or stuffed with antibiotics and pesticides. This food actually dangerous to eat.

However, in the context of globalization of the world economy “gourmet” diet, according to rich people, supports their high social status. Well, let them amuse themselves. But at a more Mature age or even earlier they are likely to go to the oatmeal and cream of wheat for health reasons.

In General, money is not the main thing in life. And, moreover, not an end in itself. As they say in Soviet power, not in money happiness.

However, there is no escape from the fact that all over the world and in our country people have a different material prosperity. Therefore, our people’s lives is often very different. Moreover, our society is becoming increasingly features not only the class, but even the caste society.

Between individuals and groups of citizens sometimes envy and even “class” hostility. Due to the fact that the internal state of the people correspond to their notions about their personal satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the conditions of their existence. Some truth in this.

By the way, you will probably agree that when poor people are happy, people look at him as a weirdo. Or when a large family lives in poverty, but happy in others is puzzling.

Many of us are not even aware that these families live in very different “laws” of social life. In large families is most evident value of such concepts as “fullness” and “meaningful” life.

I am very sorry that the understanding of human “purpose” (in this world) often not available to the wider population, which are called by the inhabitants. But this can be explained by the fact that among them very few intellectuals and intellectuals to common people, received a great moral and humanitarian education.

In conclusion, I would like to say: Happiness, perhaps, is to make other people happy. Emphasize, that other people, not yourself, beloved.

(Some glad bird in the hand, the others catch the Firebird’s tail)

Sergey Paliy.


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