North Of Hama. The advance of the militants


Северная Хама. Наступление боевиков

Unexpected (but how to say it) the advance of militants in Northern Hama. The Turks planted the National Syrian army (actually established by them) weapons and ammunition, including MLRS system, moved a considerable force from areas of the “Olive branch” and “Shield of the Euphrates”. During the day, the offensive, the militants managed to take a few settlements, laid out a large number of photos and videos of prisoners and killed the Syrian military. The Pro-Iranian Shiite gangs participate in ground battles do not accept, the impact caused by the Syrian army and Pro-Russian militias.

Северная Хама. Наступление боевиков

Due to the massive shelling, the Russian military urgently (more like escape) were forced to evacuate the observation point. Reports of Russian military losses no. Or not yet.

Северная Хама. Наступление боевиков

Iran told the partners that he is sorry but will not be able to support the defenders, as due to sanctions it is not possible to pay their hired gangs. Without money, they, of course, do not fight. However, it is most likely an excuse. In reality, the Iranians have a large tooth on the Russian partners in connection with the recent airstrikes the Israeli air force on Iran in Syria, and all raids without any problems passed through the Russian zone of responsibility of air defense.

A chronic problem in Iranian-Russian coalition that ground forces are presented mainly Pro-Iranian groups, which provides support to Russian aircraft. Individually, those and others are beginning to experience serious difficulties. What is happening now – the Russian military ground forces there, the Syrian and the formation of a good picture, but to fight, much worse.

It is unlikely that the militants will have a serious sequel, but it actually restores the balance, sushestvovala before the recent offensive of the Syrian troops in the area. There was some exchange of territories, but the overall situation remains the same, and most importantly – the militants continue to threaten the base Hamim, which actually was the main reason that forced the Russian command to launch an offensive a month ago.

The swamp as it is. Turkey harshly suppresses any attempts of the movement to the border, and for nearly four years of this senseless war, the Kremlin has not managed to solve the problem of control for threats to Turkey and to make political arguments in talks on Turkish stream.


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