Normal Ukrainian government


Нормальная украинская власть

Meanwhile, with the accession of Vladimir Zelensky on a post of the President of Ukraine passed 5.5 months. Versions of what is going to happen, were disastrous for his opponents, moderately optimistic his supporters and sympathizers. Catastrophic, in my opinion, has disappeared, although some of the people in Ukraine is very noisy likes to worry for any reason and prohibitsthe was incurable optimistic, too, has disappeared — because in addition to the liberation of the Ukrainian prisoners (which in itself is a wonderful and important event), nothing happened (well, the sluggish withdrawal of troops with uncertain prospects, maybe next year, Ukrainian soldiers die less than in the past). Catastrophically stars out ze did not fall nor in 100 days, nor for almost half a year (like, again was predicted repeatedly). And so, it seems that the Ukrainian people once again chose a normal Ukrainian government.

Nikolay Mitrokhin, sociologist, historian, journalist


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