Noosphere Ventures owner Max Polyakov financed separatist media, – Yuriy Gudymenko


“It’s immoral to pay money to the separatists from the Russkaya Vesna (Russian Spring) website, as Max Polyakov’s Zaporozhye company did… This is caleed sponsoring terrorism,” the Ukrainian blogger Yuriy Gudymenko said on his Facebook page.

According to him, in recent years the basis of Ukrainian black PR has been to find a rival’s link with Russia:

“The number one trigger, that is the irritant in Ukrainian society is Russia and its militants. Not gays, not drug addicts, not power, but Russia. If you want to break in on someone, destroy their reputation, look for a link with Russia.”

However, according to Yuriy Gudymenko, there must be moral boundaries that can not be crossed even in black PR:

“Breaking in on the opponent – this happens. Breaking their reputation through ties with Russia – well, it’s dirty, but in Ukrainian PR, some go even further than that. But giving money to the separatist site, as the PR managers of Zaporozhye businessman Max Polyakov did, so that the site would praise his opponents. Given this information immediately got scattered on the low-level sites (“drain tanks”) and YouTube, it is at least a) too noticeably, b) immoral.

It is immoral, not because of the “drain tanks”. After all, if no one used them, they would die out. It is not immoral that the made-to-order video was shot by GO with the indicative title Stop Corruption. This is Ukraine, after all, sometimes it’s even worth. It is immoral to pay money to the separatists from Russkaya Vesna site, as the Zaporozhye company did, so that the media would praise the opponents for “supporting the filming of the movie about militiamen.”

Sure, it’s creative, no doubt. But this is immoral. And it’s illegal. That’s the whole point. This is called “sponsoring terrorism.” This is exactly what you accuse your opponents of. And this is not good.”

Ukrainian-American businessman Max Polyakov is from Zaporozhye. The list of his assets includes Noosphere Ventures, Together Networks, the aerospace startup Firefly Aerospace and Murka gaming company. Zaporozhye journalists also attribute the organization of a network of porn chats to Polyakov. A month ago, National Geographic suddenly broke relations with Polyakov’s company Murka without explanation.

Currently, the proceedings between Polyakov and Lucky Labs founders Sergei Tokarev and Rustam Gilfanov are continuing. They have lasted several years in the court of the British Virgin Islands, and are currently being examined in Dutch arbitration. A few days ago, Lucky Labs informed about black PR attack, which it suffered in connection with the corporate conflict.


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