None of us will know until he is not there


Никто из нас этого не поймёт, пока сам там не окажется

To become a staff of school No. 7, in the courtyard of the “Winter cherry”, quite a few people. Relatives of the victims gathered in the sports hall and dining room. In total a few dozen people. According to emergency workers, with relatives working 44 psychologist – Kemerovo, Moscow and Krasnoyarsk. Speak quietly, and it haunts, as if came uninvited on someone else’s Wake.

While I bickered with the police, the cordon was broken through and three drunk young men. One of them wept bitterly. Emergency workers and police Sergeant ran after the guys to the staff. Soon the guys left and the same inflated briskly headed in the direction of Lenin Avenue.

Next to “Winter cherry” — a huge crowd. People lay flowers at the makeshift memorial lit the same candles, crying. At least half are teenagers, many with their parents. The candles and the flowers don’t fit on the benches, stand in the snow.

A lot of white balloons. Some with inscriptions. “Remember, mourn” and “Forgive us, my children.”

— I just turned around, and there are already flashed. Not puffed, and once the flame appeared. We rushed to the exit, two girls of sixteen to tell each other about yesterday.

Girls, you were there? – Ask them quietly. Here, too, all talking quietly.

— Yes, I was — responsible one.

— In the cinema?

— No, the café.

And beside you the fire broke out?

— Not around in the play area, I saw and ran. There everyone ran.

Here I make a mistake and submitted a journalist.

— Oh, sorry, we can’t give comments to the press — suddenly the girls go back to office.

— Why not?

— We banned?

— Who?

— I’m sorry.

* * *

A middle-aged woman talks about the deceased neighbor boy. The other woman aggressively sprinkles quotes from the Bible. “You know that God takes even the erring…”

— He was a good guy, not a lost — objects “neighbor”. The interviewee reiterates its text recalls that have been accepted and the repentant harlot and a robber.

Wedged into the conversation and ask about the neighbor boy.

— Rowdy was a smiling woman, but generally a good guy.

Why you do this? – With passion asks the devout. Remember that it is impossible to talk to unknown reporters, stepping to the side.

In the courtyard of smoke the company of teenagers. Judging by the lively conversation, was yesterday in the “Winter cherry” and left because “began to clear”. No fire, no smoke they can’t see.

Thought spirited the boys couldn’t deny.

Urgently asking the man a cigarette, light up nearby, are presented.

— We do not give comments to the press, — as a blueprint gives a powerhouse. Trinity stepped aside.

Hopeless situation makes a friend Mike. It tried to talk to journalists, but he “sent”.

— They forbid you to comment?

— I wouldn’t get banned, but you all will misinterpret, but I just waste of time.

— Tell?

— You will tell. The fire started in the trampoline.

— Everyone knows that.

— No. Nobody knows. In short, my daughter fell into this foam. There’s a foam trampoline children jumping on it. Imagine – a five year old child almost falls head first into the fucking foam and can’t get out. There was so much foam rubber, what if he breaks out – will not find it.

— Many children there were?

— On the trampoline? Bit. In short, the daughter pressed on the watch, SOS. She has a special children’s watches with a panic button. I got the signal and walked over. In order to see it passed in a narrow technical corridor between the trampoline and machines…

— You all three kids were? – Misha has three children.

— Don’t interrupt, and you don’t tell. I was with the eldest daughter and her cousin. So, I slipped into the corridor, he’s 70 centimeters wide. And there he saw a MOE-nick. That is, there is a man in a green uniform. I think what makes MOE-nick. Looked: no, it’s just work.

— Local?

— I don’t know what there uniform local workers can be hired. But it was not a visitor. He stood in the corner in a green jacket, and lay on the floor of the pile of wires. And nearby was a stand from the kettle and microwave. Put in mind two and two uniforms, microwave, kettle, large coils of wires. Conclusion – there were some work.

— Welding?

— No. It was an ordinary electrical wires like home “carrying,” but there were many, shapeless pile on the floor.

You know that guy in the green jacket have not spoken?

— Fuck he gave me? I called the daughter and asked the older girls to get her out. They pulled out and continued to jump, and I got angry, took the daughter and left.

— A lot of people there?

— Very much. As usual on Sundays. And there was no tickets to the cinema. We wanted to go, but the wife was not able to buy tickets, that is, the cinemas was Packed to the eyeballs.

— You’re a Builder, I think, could corotate in these wires?

— I think that would not dump a bunch of wires to put the kettle on with a microwave next to a huge mountain of foam. There was some kind of technical door and the wires went under it, was pinched by the door.

Mike, the owner, is engaged in construction and production of electricity. Ask him as an expert, how likely could it happen flash from short circuit.

— Bundles of wires I saw a stand for the kettle and microwave have seen, and normal children, mainly girls, is also seen. And lighter girls have not seen. So I don’t know. It is unclear why the version of the circuit didn’t like the result. Rather, I understand. I would also go on fire or terrorists to avoid punishment.

Mike with his wife and children had left half an hour before the fire.

* * *

In the yard of school number seven deployed two white tent Ministry. In one press, the other a staff. The head of the press service Victoria says about 64 dead. Ask: perhaps until I went and tried to talk with people near the “Winter cherry”, to resolve the issue with lists of missing persons?

Yeah, found all 64 of the body — responds to Victoria.

But there were more lists, more than 70 missing, with names and surnames.

Is gossiping in social networks…

— No, in the national media.

Media taking information from social networks, then it goes back to the social network, the cycle is. Initially there were 64 statements about missing persons. All the bodies found. No lists, no longer exists.

— When was formed the list of the 64?

Victoria thinks for a while.

— Yesterday? – Tell.

You know, yesterday was so long and different… No, the list was formed by night, closer to morning. And all the bodies were found.

— There is a threat of collapse of the building?

— Is the rubble inside cautiously meets Victoria.

Outside “Winter cherry” looks like no fire was not. From some angles you cannot see even soot – only visible to the recruiting banners.

In the school gym, where the assembled relatives of the dead, laid the table with tea and food. To them no one is perfect. People quietly talking among themselves or sit and stand in silence. Sometimes they gather near came to him of one of the departments housed in another wing of the school, and listen to it carefully.

Basketball hanging ridiculous empty mouths.

Sunday morning my daughter decided to go to the movies, “Winter cherry”. The last session of the selected movie that had at 14.40, we were running late and decided to choose another holiday destination. A lot of stories. The taxi driver he said that was driving with his wife in a “Cherry” for shopping, but at the entrance they decided that they will choose shopping center cheaply and turned around.

64 of the victims the Kremlin believes. Generally in Kemerovo do not call this number – people for some reason become angry and tell stories from their friends about the driven half of the sixth to the Mall cars “Emergency” and “special Bureau”.

— None of us will know until he is not there, — said Vadim.

For film screenings brought four buses with children from different districts of the region.

Monday in the “Winter cherry” was to start a children’s school camp. Students on vacation would spend here all my free time – from morning to evening. And Monday would no different from a crowded Sunday. Only adults nearby would not be at all – except the staff.

A security guard saw the fire, turned and walked away, he told the first girl overheard me.

Say, the other guard single-handedly saved dozens of children.


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