Nobody believes in the possibility to change anything


Никто уже не верит в возможность что-либо изменить

If to describe the main problem of Russia in one word, that word is “apathy”.

Apathy — a symptom that is manifested in disinterest, indifference, a detached attitude to what is happening around, lack of desire for any activity. Nobody believes in the possibility to change something, to achieve something. Not even running career mobility for careerists. The power elite and security forces lazy povorovat country. “The people are silent”. There are aggressive minority, which, spluttering, throwing all life from culture to domestic unions in defence of public gardens and parks from planting churches.

All this is very similar to the plot of a sci-Fi movie “serenity” about the planet Miranda. On the planet conducted experiments to control human behavior. One of the drugs sprayed into the ventilation system, fully suppressed not only aggressiveness, but also the will to live the majority of the population Miranda — people have died just from the unwillingness anything to do and even eat. But for 10% of the population the drug has the effect opposite to the expected — he removed all ethical inhibitions, repressed social instincts and turned people into bloodthirsty predators — eaters.


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