No problem — just mood swings


What unites the actor Mel Gibson, singer Mariah the Carey and billionaire Ted Turner, in addition to world-famous? The answer is not the most pleasant, especially for the reputation of public figures, but it sounds like bipolar disorder.

Ничего страшного — просто скачки настроения

According to statistics, bipolar disorder suffers one of the forty. In other words, the disease popularity does not insure. At first glance, it would seem, anything terrible — just mood swings: in the morning, for example, you jumping for joy, but after the lunch break on colleagues, and in the evening and not at all suffocating depression that do not want anything at all.

Attracting attention to the problem requires extraordinary courage and strength, especially when she’s (this issue) have to do with you directly. But, knowing his sphere of responsibility — in front of an audience, fans, and subordinates, and media personality, one after another, began to speak frankly about his mental health.

To admit, out of the shadows to publicly repent — or, at least, to go to the reception — it would be worth some politicians, especially in the background of the negative trends of the profession: the work is harmful — health does not add!

Judge for yourself: tomorrow, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan will arrive in the capital of Russia to meet with Vladimir Putinto try to resolve the worsening of the conflict in the Syrian Idlib, and still today asks Donald trump on the subject of ammunition for the military operation in the region.

Controversial emerged a couple of weeks ago, when the Turkish and the Russian side agreed to reduce tensions in the North-West of Syria and continue the fight against terrorists, and the very next day, Erdogan said he was ready to launch a military operation in the region “at any moment”.

It’s one thing when your mood changes depends on the speech production process or a business transaction, but quite another when life and health of people.

Ничего страшного — просто скачки настроения

Ankara, Erdogan said, never seeks out war, but the Syrians never left. And as long as Turkey continues to lose its soldiers, the President proudly talks about the success of the operation on the territory of the Syrian province.


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