No one will kill our economy: neither trump nor the United States. Only we ourselves


Никто не грохнет нашу экономику: ни Трамп, ни США. Только мы сами

No America does not have the power to destroy the sovereign economy of Russia, no matter how threatened her congressmen with new sanctions, and President trump “smart” missiles. And none of our liberal fifth column. No, no and no!

This almost impossible mission was able to assume and effectively implement only the approximate and true kremleva: officials, deputies of the EP and top businessmen. They dressed in toga of patriotism economic efforts – a reliable key to the future of the Russian defeats.

In the end, diplomatic war, and the unprecedented severe sanctions, and even missile strikes, the US on Syrian targets – the only reason for short-term disturbances in the financial markets. Yeah, I hate that the exchange rate has now become less comfortable for fans of import and foreign travel. But he’s not so scary pressure on the real economy, and export companies may be a boon.

While the Russian response, our fictional would not meet the MPs is a real threat to our economy.

As the first measures against tougher Western sanctions were announced on Russian offshore for the oligarchs and companies affected by Western raids. This official hole now want to make available for victims of us sanctions, but for other fat cats. Therefore to assess the potential size of a future hole in the Federal budget would be impossible.

The second, equally devastating response – assistance in distress oligarchs, which, of course, proved to be extremely popular among the captains of Russian big business. And after “RUSAL” Deripaska is “Power machines” Mordashov asked the government to support their ruble, the dollar and what all you can. And then all those wishing to cling to the budgetary sources will be lined up to the horizon.

And the third answer is also not long in coming. The Duma bill, which was signed by the speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the leaders of all four parliamentary parties and provides for bans on imports of American food, medicines, software and technologies. As well as restrictions on working in the country of American specialists and the cessation of international cooperation in nuclear energy, aircraft building and recentfeatures industry.

It’s not just a shot in the leg, is a machine gun on themselves. With our huge backlog in all areas of technology, from the “filthy West”, we now need a bloody nose to catch it – and not to unhitch your wagon from the locomotive of the world.

Yes, this locomotive politically hostile to us – while our higher figures happy to go on his trailer. But that’s not the point! We should learn everything useful, even his enemies – as it successfully did the Soviet leaders, who was with the West a much deeper political divide.

Today, under the guise of cheap populism our government want to break up with technological communication is clearly outstripping the enemy. Just to sell him our raw materials – and nothing more.

But whether will sustain the Russian economy is a critical mass of populism? The most important thing for us is not to kill all ties with the foe and “spite grandmother to freeze their ears.” And to “catch up and overtake”.

But it is not enough only two known to us today recipes: all mad copy – or mad, reject it.

To work in the economic sphere, we have failed completely by the government of the Medvedev – we have wisely.


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