No court no


На нет и суда нет

Here I constantly hear of the hope that sooner or later Russia’s “win a TV refrigerator” that impoverished and starving people finally take to the streets and sweep away this government.

Oh, my goodness! Are you serious?

The only thing that can do this starving population, so it is closely to close ranks in unison with the authorities to better withstand external enemies.

When the allies in 44-45 year arranged a carpet bombing of German cities, they knew that it result in civilian casualties, but I expect that this population, driven to despair by the bombing, will rise against the Nazi authorities.

They have only the fact that the population rallied around these authorities, as saw them as the only force able to withstand the bombing.

Every time I come to the supermarket in Cyprus, I see that there are crowds of Russian tourists, starving for real human food, which swept off the shelves of cheese and ham. And I can hear their conversations.

Do you think they criticize Putin banned the entry of products into the country and crushing the food with a bulldozer? They are in the light of Koster America and Europe, introduced the sanctions, which do not become food!

The other day I spoke with one of the Russian friends. That critical situation. Asked to find and send him the necessary medicine. In the Russian drugstores it is not, and “domestic counterparts” do not help and are very toxic. While he is in the light of Koster America, with its sanctions. I tactfully translate the conversation to the real perpetrators. Explain that America was not forbidden the importation of this drug in Russia that the Russian government is a strong-willed order had withdrawn a permit and replaced it with Patriotic generic.

And hear the answer, “And rightly withdrew! We have somehow to protect themselves from them! Why they imposed sanctions against us? If sanctions are not imposed, the drug could be freely bought in Moscow”

And you know, I even began to explain to him that the Russian generic manufactures the son of Mrs. Golikova and the reason for the ban is not a sanction, and support this native domestic producers.

I did hard. I told him that if he believes that it is right that the drug was banned in Russia, why he’s trying to get around the ban? And turned the conversation.

Of course, if he regains consciousness and will call again, I will try to help him. If you come to consciousness if he does. And if not, then no court, no.


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