No belly: Loboda was surprised by the unexpected


Rumor has it that Loboda has given birth.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, about the pregnancy, which was reported earlier, was intrigued by the new photo.

In one picture the singer hand covers the stomach, which on a photo is almost not visible. “The main thing – to choose the view,” she writes.

The second she sits on the steps so that the belly can not be seen. Followers Loboda suspect that she already had it.

amour.eternal Where’s the tummy?

loboda____fan Light you have given birth already or what? The tummy invisible. But you, as always, snogshibatelnaya

na.taliia6066 Where is the belly???

novoejile Perhaps the girl was born on may 9! Victoria!

diana_topskay And she gave birth to a second or what?

vl.kalambur Belly no baby? You can congratulate?

svetlanka.kostenko She has given birth, the photo is not the belly, but for now just hide


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