Nissan showed a new crossover for $10 000


The design will be declassified before the end of the year.

Nissan intends soon to send to the crossover, which is perfect for buyers of compact cars. Already have the first image, reports the with reference to Browser.

New model of Nissan will be presented at several large markets, but will begin your journey in India. For this reason, the body length does not exceed 4 m, because in this case, shoppers can get tax breaks.

First image of Nissan’s crossover with the unnamed name is an intriguing teaser. Nevertheless, a General picture of the exterior of the car is already there. Interestingly, while the design is not observed the influence of some specific models of the Japanese brand. Apparently, the new crossover Nissan will demonstrate the unique style.

Most likely, a compact model built on the platform of Renault announced budget-HBC (in the end, the name will be different). Both these cars are expected in the basic version will cost up to 10 thousand dollars. For Renault, even predict the price of about 8 thousand.

The new crossover Nissan fully declassified until the end of this year.


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