Nintendo – game over: suckers habitually cut


Nintendo - game over: лохов привычно остригли

“Pokemonname” engulfed nearly the entire planet, as it turned out, not much help Nintendo. The rumors about the enormous income and profits of Japanese giant Nintendo has been greatly exaggerated.

After the game Pokemon Go and the dramatic growth of its popularity all over the world began actively to appear the rumors about the big income Nintendo. Some experts have claimed that daily profits from internal transactions is $2 million, and this despite the fact that the game itself is free.

Given the news background in the media and social networks, it was very easy to believe. Believe it and investors. The cost of Nintendo shares dropped 8 days after the game soared to 120% with high trading volumes.

However, then traders began to take profits, so the final increase was less.

However, shares of Nintendo fell by 17%, and is the third largest decline since October 1990, after the release of Super Mario World on the NES and Gameboy and the collapse of the Tokyo stock exchange.

After the close of markets on Friday, Nintendo admitted that the influence of Pokemon Go on profits will be limited. In addition, the company has no plans to adjust the forecasts. Now the company has lost about half of the market value increase that was formed during the panic purchases of securities, the company informed.

Today’s drop is the largest in the Japanese market since March 2000


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