Nine-year-old boy with a pneumatic gun stopped a car thief


Девятилетний мальчик с пневматическим пистолетом остановил автоугонщика

Nine-year-old Larry Larimer pickup saved his father from the robber. The boy was not afraid to confront the attacker with the help of pneumatic gun.

Christmas night, the young native of Kokomo, Indiana, was sitting in the car and waited for father who went into a roadside diner. Suddenly the car doors opened and in it sat a man with a clear intention to start. Larry remained nothing, except how to quickly get an air gun of the father, and to send to a stranger.

“I was scared, so I aimed at his head”, – admitted the child in an interview with WTHR. Hijacker got even more scared and quickly jumped out of the truck, but to leave on foot it was totally not intended.

He sat in a parked SUV Chevrolet Trail Blazer and hit the gas.

On the street just came out the boy’s father Calvin Cooksey. Appreciating what is happening, he decided to catch the thief. This moment arrived, the owner of the stolen Chevrolet, and the men set off in pursuit, at the same time calling the police.

In a few miles the attacker got in an accident and was arrested. 32-year-old native of Lafayette Ollie Dunn will have to answer before the law for their actions.


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