Nine products, accelerating the process of aging


Девять продуктов, ускоряющих процессы старенияTake care of the beauty of his youth.

What is the reason after holiday parties, trips to the barbecue and even after a day at the resort – the great outdoors! – our appearance is not pleasing to us? The answer is simple – it somehow affects everything we eat. While a couple of treats a week will not turn us into antagonists of Dorian gray, the systematic improper nutrition can significantly accelerate the aging process. Below is the list of products that should not be abused, if you want to look young and beautiful.


According to the theory, when we eat more sugar than our cells can process, the excess and the molecules in combination with proteins, creating “glycation end products”. The result of this process is the damage of skin collagen, and “few collagen” means sluggish and flabby skin.
Also too many sweets do not add beauty to our smile. Glucose encourages the bacteria to destroy teeth and if we have eaten something sweet, and this list includes not only cookies candies, such as fruit, need to wash her mouth out with water.

A healthy liver means healthy skin. When the liver is functioning normally, toxins that can potentially affect the skin are expelled naturally. But if the toxins accumulate in the liver and not recycled properly, they can begin to develop the most unpleasant symptoms for example acne, not to mention the banal yellowing of the skin and wrinkles. The latter phenomenon is also closely linked to dehydration, which is caused by an overabundance of alcohol in the blood. Finally, even the most modest, but frequent libations badly affect the quality of a night’s rest, and sleep disturbance – a direct route to accelerated aging.
White wine

White wine received its own category in this list is surprising for its cruelty to the teeth. While a glass of red slightly increase the acidity in your mouth, the more aggressive white instantly creates the effect of “acid bath”, which will lead to increased vulnerability of tooth enamel. Should we end the day with white wine, and the following start strong coffee and good-bye white and healthy teeth.
Most importantly: in no event it is impossible to brush your teeth immediately after drinking white wine, as after any other acidic beverage. Brushing already acidic teeth easily injure the softened enamel. You need to give time for the re-mineralization of the teeth, rinsing the mouth and wait an hour or two.
Overcooked meat

Soot covering too fried meat or, for example, fish contains a set of carbons that are directly very negatively affect the skin’s collagen. This does not mean that we should abandon kebabs or other dishes cooked on the coals, but utensils for frying skewers, trays and so forth, must be perfectly clean. And too charred pieces it is better to put aside.


Little who cooks entirely without salt, and natural products sodium contains enough, but, according to the who, almost all the inhabitants of the “civilized world” food overdo. What does the salt to our appearance: it delays the fluid in the body, and is traditionally salted, but rather traditionally salty dinner, we spend a lot of time to get rid of puffiness around the eyes. We buy expensive creams with caffeine, which is known to reduce swelling when used topically, we scour the web in search of folk magic, trying everything from raw potatoes to standing on your head, but it’s much easier to halve the amount of salt in the diet. Doctors say that we eat just exactly two times more salt than we need.
Processed meat and canned

Almost any industrial processed foods contain sulfites and other preservatives, which can accelerate the aging process. Also, the finished food is usually too salty. All you need to do to and eat, and look good – replace sausages baked meat and try to eat less canned.
TRANS fats

Science has long been firmly tied TRANS fats and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but if that’s not enough, you know – they are also bad for skin health. For example, artificial fats can make us more vulnerable to UV radiation, and therefore, instead of a smooth beautiful tan, we risk to get stains, burns and very dry and, therefore, aging skin.

Don’t be fooled if the label has the words “0 grams TRANS fat” product can still contain valid 0.5 g of artificial ingredients. By the way, even partially hydrogenated oils, are not present for appearance.
Spicy food

Most people spices do not have a devastating impact, in terms of appearance, opposite – young girl dishes with spices only add to the charm by expanding the blood vessels causing a rush of blood to her cheeks. A different effect is waiting for women in menopause – high blood flow may result in mottling of the skin and appear in the most inappropriate places spider veins. Don’t worry about it, if you eat spicy curries on holidays, but go easy on hot and spicy dishes after, or even before 40, if there are problems with blood vessels, it is not necessary.

Red meat

Red and especially red fatty meat produces free radicals, and the last damage healthy cells and this, ultimately, affects the skin’s ability to protect itself and generate collagen. The only readily available antidote to radicals – antioxidants. The most antioxidant-rich foods – foods with vitamin C, so big piece of meat should always accompany a smaller portion of fresh vegetables and fruits, and also fermented milk drinks.
It is not surprising that Caucasian and Mediterranean cuisine are the most useful they traditionally contain such food set.


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