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Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. ФотоHere is something to see.

Summer holiday in Bulgaria you can spend in different ways: to just lie on the beach and swim in the sea or to see the most vivid and unusual places of the country.

In addition to the popular Balchik, Sunny beach and Golden Sands, there is still a lot less “hyped” places that combine ancient history, legends, and pristine nature.

Vacation in Bulgaria for those who love nature

1. Belogradchik rocks

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

At the foot of the Balkan mountains are the Belogradchik rocks. The length of these limestone formations which were formed millions of years 30 km, width 3 km, in addition, it is littered with caves.

One of the most popular – the MAGURA cave, which was discovered and explored during the Roman Empire. To get around the cave takes about five hours. At any time of year, the temperature in the MAGURA 12°C. moreover, there are cave paintings Dating back to the Bronze age.

Reviews: many people leave positive comments, mostly all of it was scary, but very interesting.

Prices: from $3.5 to $6.

2. Rose valley

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

To the North of the massif of Sredna Gora mountain is one of the most interesting sights, which are very popular in June. To find this place without maps and navigation, but just the smell of it. At an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, surrounding the town of Kazanlak is the Valley of roses.

Damask rose was brought to Bulgaria from Persia, but under the influence of climate and characteristics of the region formed a special kind of flower – the Kazanlak rose. The first plantations in this region were planted in the late XVI century. Now, in the rose Valley, tourists can see rosemarine, to visit the annual rose festival and Museum.

Feedback: positive comments about this place in networks dominated, but there were also those who appreciated the place on the “C: “Especially should not go, need to visit from may to June, when roses bloom,” writes Alexander.

Prices: entrance to the Museum costs $2.

The plane, caves and dozens of ships stay in Bulgaria for experienced divers

1. Sunken plane

Those who are not interested in the Golden beaches and only that nature that is under water, we suggest to visit the resort of St. Constantine and Elena. Diving fans will remember this place for a long time, because there is, at a depth of 22 metres, lies the wreck of the Tu-154. Aircraft to immersion in water transport was the General Secretary of the Communist party of Bulgaria. The airliner is located 700 metres from the shore.

2. Ships

If you sail South, you can see a lot of wrecks. For example, at a depth of 25 and 35 meters on two Italian tanker scuttled in 1941.

Here you can find and older ships: a Turkish destroyer and the Bulgarian torpedo boat that sank in 1916. They lie at a depth of only six meters.

3. Caves

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

In the reserve of Yailata is located in the Dobrich region, near the resort Rusalka, divers interested in cave, part of which is under water. Their walls still preserve the ancient drawings.

Professional divers interested in the submarines of the Second world war, lying at a depth of 60 meters. They, like the caves, located in the Dobrich region.

Vacation in Bulgaria for lovers of history: ancient architecture

1. The ancient monastery

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

For those who choose a vacation in Bulgaria, to view the architecture, too, there are a few places in the Rila mountain, located in the South-West, is one of the oldest shrines of the country – Rila monastery.

It was founded in the 30-ies of the X century. You can not only walk, but to dine and spend the night in the cell. The total area of 8800 m2 and it is situated at an altitude of 1147 m above the sea level.

Reviews: most reviews are positive, for example, Victoria writes that the monastery impresses with its grandeur and patterns.

Prices: on the territory of the monastery complex entrance is free. The cost of visiting museums will have to learn on the spot.

2. Catholic Cathedral

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

In the city of Plovdiv is located the Catholic Cathedral of St. Louis, which was built in the XIX century. In 1931, the Cathedral has suffered an accident and lost its original appearance. Despite this, the Shrine is the largest Catholic Cathedral in Bulgaria.

3. The ancient theatre

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

Plovdiv is famous not only for his Shrine. The city may acquaint the tourist with the history is much older than the XIX century, namely in Plovdiv ancient theatre, which was built during the reign of Roman Emperor Trajan.

The theatre is well preserved and still used for various events. To feel the atmosphere of the ancient temple of Melpomene, it is necessary to enjoy any show or concert that they hold. After this time the holiday in Bulgaria will be remembered for a long time.

Reviews: most rated this place favorably, but there are those who thought this place boring.

Prices: entrance on territory worth $2.5.

4. Aladja Monastery

Девять мест, которые стоит увидеть в Болгарии. Фото

Tourists wishing to spend a holiday on one of the popular resorts, there will also be something to do. In Golden Sands you can not just relax but also to improve health – resort there are mineral springs and therapeutic mud.

In the evening you can stroll around town and look at Aladja cave monastery, which operated in the XII century. In addition to the ancient ruins you can see in the catacombs nearby.

Reviews: many people in the network appreciated the rock monastery positively.

Prices: entrance to the Park is free. The entrance to the Museum will cost $3.


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