Nikita Dobrynin boasted beach photo with your sweetheart


Bachelor 9 Nikita Dobrynin and his girlfriend Dasha Kvitkova delight fans happy joint photos, do not hesitate to show feelings and emotions.

So, a couple enthusiastically making out at the Eiffel tower in Paris, and even published a spicy bed pictures. Dasha and Nikita literally inseparable and spend all their free time together. The other day the lovers went at the Odessa international film festival and don’t miss the opportunity to laze on the beaches of South Palmyra, and hot photo shared on Instagram, reports the with reference to

Nikita showed a couple of pictures taken in the famous Arcadia. Photo Dasha in black bikini literally lay down on the back of the elect, having fun posing for the camera. Young people laugh and look happy and relaxed.

“The main thing in life is to look in the same direction. Together look in the direction of the pool,” with humor signed stills Nikita.

Fans of the couple could not pass up a spectacular photo shoot. They called a couple of Nikita and Dasha ideal, and expressed the hope that the love relationships will end big wedding.

“Perfect”, “Adorable. I love you,” “That you maslev Ochi! Od tsogo vzhe good nastri pozitivni that day…Happiness to you”, “Lubhouse you want dwellers through be called a few more years VI s the same capture marveled one one in Ochi. Bereit TSI relationships,placate h VI bezono Garnier pair. Malacca You”, “Here and look in the same direction. And I’d like to believe that your pair forever,” “well Done! Live,enjoy each other, love.Happiness to you”, “you Know how to say husband and wife should be a little similar in appearance, you have it! Beautiful” — didn’t keep their Moti moved to tears followers.


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