Night trips to the toilet is dangerous for health


Ночные походы в туалет опасны для здоровьяIt threatens the deterioration of memory.

Scientists have linked regular night trips to the bathroom with a number of dangerous health disorders. Medical News Today said that the habit of waking up at night to visit the toilet the doctors as a factor in a lot of trouble with the body, from morning fatigue to heart disease.

The negative effect of the night trips to the toilet experts see, first of all, that they violate the integrity of the night’s sleep and reinforce nocturia – voiding.

“If people are regularly not getting enough sleep because of the night trips to the toilet, it threatens the deterioration of memory, loss of concentration, mood swings, feeling of constant fatigue. Also it increases the risk of obesity, diabetes, depression, heart disease,” said scientific experts in publishing.

According to scientists, about existing rights of nocturia can say when more than 40% of the daily value of urine excreted by night. Doctors clarify that this violation is more often characteristic of elderly, but if you have the habit of drinking a lot of fluids late in the evening and at night, nocturia can develop at any age. Noticing the signs of violation of urination, need to go to the doctor, the disorder is only at first glance seems harmless. How much water should you drink? According to experts, in the absence of individual contraindications should drink about two liters of pure non-carbonated water per day. Fluid intake in the evening time, need to control, especially for those who have night awakenings to visit the toilet – a family trait.


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