NI: Russian exercises “West-2017” has demonstrated the latest weapons


NI: Россия на учениях "Запад-2017" продемонстрировала новейшее оружие

Particularly appreciated the author gives tactical missile complexes “Iskander”, coastal missile systems “Bal” and antiaircraft missile systems With-400 “Triumph”. In the list of “real technological innovation” The National Interest also mentions improved systems of electronic reconnaissance, in particular drones, as well as systems using GLONASS.


“Iskander” was demonstrated at the Luga polygon, the northernmost of the areas where maneuvers took place. Along with tactical missile complex was also tested missiles “Tochka-U”.

Coastal missile complex “Ball”, as noted by Myers, over the past two years began to establish naval bases across Russia. “West 2017” could not do without him, emphasizes the analyst. It is used in the maneuvers of September 19.

Exercises “West-2017” took place on the territory of Belarus and Russia from 14 to 20 September. The maneuvers observed about 100 foreign military attaches.

Maneuvers have caused a number of accusations against Moscow. In particular, the head of the General staff of Ukraine General of the army Viktor Muzhenko stated that Russia has left some of its troops in Belarus after the completion of the exercise.

Earlier the Russian foreign Ministry noted the inconsistency of the statements, NATO-related exercises “West-2017”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, in turn, rejected accusations of lack of transparency of the maneuvers, and the “heated passions” around them called a provocation.

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the United States Nikolai Lahonin later noted that the catastrophic scenarios that were distributed in Western countries, in connection with maneuvers did not materialize, the exercises were conducted as openly as possible.


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