New Zealand company tries four-day working week


Unilever is going to try out a four-day working week in New Zealand. In this way, the organization aims to increase the productivity and well-being of workers.

In New Zealand, 81 people work at Unilever, all of whom come to work for four days for a full salary. Most of them work from the headquarters and distribution center in Auckland.

The trial starts this month and lasts a year, and is currently only done in New Zealand. Together with the Technical University in Sydney, the company will examine the results of the experiment to see if the four-day working week is also a good idea on a larger scale. Unilever employs 150,000 people worldwide.

“Working five days a week is old-fashioned and no longer effective,” said The New Zealand director of Unilever Nick Bangs. “We want to measure performance on the basis of returns, not on the basis of time.”


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