New trailer for Rebel Galaxy kosmosima Outlaw


Space Outlaw Rebel Galaxy coming out August 13, 2019 on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Studio Double Damage Games today released a new trailer of their future space simulator Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. The video also reveals the exact release date of the game and some of its features, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw — the ideological successor and prequel of the game Rebel Galaxy, which was released in 2015. The story project tells the story of the smuggler Juno Markie that carries prohibited goods space and gradually gives immense debt to the powerful owner of a space casino.

The basis of the gameplay Galaxy Rebel Outlaw – the story missions and optional quests in which the player must travel the galaxy, to risk the life of the protagonist and is constantly involved in dangerous space battles.

The developers also promise a detailed system of vehicle customization and refined control system, which will allow you to maneuver in horizontal and vertical planes.


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