New Russian weapons called threat to all life on Earth


Новое российское оружие назвали угрозой всей жизни на Земле

New underwater drone “Status-6”, which is able to carry on Board a nuclear warhead, is the “cobalt bomb” and could turn the entire continent into a lifeless site. This was stated by the researcher of the consequences of use of nuclear weapons Stephen Schwartz (with Stephen Schwartz) in an interview with Business Insider.

According to him, the detonation of a nuclear weapon near or on the surface of the earth leads to the radiation fallout. During the explosion a fiery cloud sucks in the soil or water, contaminating them with radioactive nuclides, and after the particles are emitted into the atmosphere and spread over large distances.

Nuclear weapons the United States is intended for destruction of weapons of mass destruction in enemy territory, the charges detonate in the air, and damaging factor is the shock wave. As a result, the city over which was produced by the explosion will be almost completely destroyed, however, radioactive contamination will be minimal. At the same time, according to rumors, “Status-6” will not only be detonated in the water column, but also contains cobalt-59. As a result of neutron capture of this isotope to become radioactive cobalt-60.

Dust and water particles containing cobalt-60, can move with the wind for thousands of kilometers from the epicenter. If “Status-6” explode near the Washington, the fallout is likely to fall in Canada and Mexico. This will require over 50 years to the ionizing radiation intensity returned to background levels. According to Schwartz, all this time, any contaminated areas would be uninhabitable. People who have taken refuge underground, while trying to get to the surface will be subjected to lethal doses of radiation.

According to Business Insider, American nuclear weapons are developed to defeat the point of strategically important facilities with minimal collateral damage.

According to American intelligence, presented to The Washington Free Beacon, a new Russian weapons tested 27 November 2016 from the submarine “Sarov”. “Status-6” has a range of 10 thousand kilometers and a maximum speed above 56 knots, the diving depth — up to a kilometer. Arms is attributed to two main affecting factors: the establishment of a tsunami and radiation contamination.


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