New relations Dana Borisova was a clever PR novel


After the divorce, Dana Borisova said that will no longer put my personal life, but recently her Instagram are increasingly began to appear pictures with hockey player Alexander Morozov. Soon, the presenter said that they have an affair.


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Blonde published romantic images with a loved and bragged about his expensive gifts. However, it became clear that their relationship is just PR. According to, Dana was offered a stable income for something that she had met with Morozov visited with him social events, placed in social networks joint photo. The presenter agreed.

Borisov told that the beloved gave her a luxury car brand Volvo, but in fact, Alexander just rented it for the purpose of advertising. An engagement ring that Morozov gave Dane also had to return to the store.

Everything went according to plan until, while Borisova and not wait for the promised fee for pseudoloma a hockey player. The star refused to continue to cooperate with Alexander. It turned out that the relationship with the star Morozov was needed to advance his hockey club “the mosquito” (“the artists”), the producer of which he is.

According to Borisova, her affair with Alexander was not quite a PR, because she did have feelings for him. “I have never sat behind the wheel of this donated car. I don’t know how they’ll explain it all, but personally I have at the moment to Morozov had feelings, not deep, but it was. In this story I just had to hold the handle and faithfully look in my eyes and I was good at it. And then eventually what happened is that the requirements on his part were kind of strange. He has a powerful spokesman “quack-quack”, so she knows all the rules, they can say, robbed me. I’m not going to justify to anyone if everyone thinks this is a PR romance, then please, but personally on my part the feelings were, but within two months they are well trampled,” said star.


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