New Porsche Taycan lit up at the Nurburgring


Новый Porsche Taycan засветился в НюрбургрингеTaycan will get pure electric traction.

Manual Porsche once again proves that he is not afraid of new challenges of time — in 2002, the luxury company has launched the Cayenne SUV, in 2009, the Panamera sedan, and now actively preparing to release a fully electric sedan Taycan.

Recently, a novelty noticed on the tests at the German Nurburgring track. On the first frame it is noticeable that the production version of the prototype, formerly named Mission E, reduced in size, and in the rear bumper clearly visible dummy exhaust pipes. Probably, thus the company tried to disguise the real look of the back end of the sedan from the too prying eyes.

Instead of an engine Taycan will get pure electric traction, most of the characteristics of which remain a mystery, but the CEO of the automaker Oliver Blum said earlier that Taycan will be able to produce more than 600 HP and acceleration to hundreds takes less than 3.5 seconds. Up to 200 km/h the car should accelerate in less than 12 seconds.

No less important is the fact that in quiet mode, this electric car can cover a distance of 500 kilometers, and a four-minute charging Taycan enough to drive 100 km.

Porsche plans to begin production of cars in the next year, and the premiere could take place at the motor show in Geneva, Switzerland in March 2019.


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