New details have become known post-apocalyptic shooter Metro: Exodus


Стали известны новые подробности постапокалиптического шутера Metro: ExodusMetro: Exodus much wider than the previous games in the franchise, but the open world will not.

Game Informer magazine has chosen its game of the month Metro: Exodus. On this occasion, the authors visited the offices of 4A Games and prepared a number of materials which reveal different details of the post-apocalyptic shooter.

One of the articles describes some important differences Metro: Exodus from the previous parts of the series. The most obvious — Metro: Exodus no longer relies on tight spaces underground. After a brief introduction to Tom, his wife Anna and other comrades out of the subway and begin a long journey through the Russian wastelands.

Metro: Exodus much wider than the previous games in the franchise, but the open world will not. The developers are building a chain of locations sandbox. There will be something to investigate, but when you go to the next level, the previous you will not be allowed. According to 4A Games, the biggest area in Last Light has been an area of 200 by 100 metres. Sandbox Metro: Exodus up to two square kilometers. The levels are scattered additional tasks: they can be found reading blogs, communicating with characters or, say, overhearing a conversation.

In the previous Metro was the economy with a catch: the ammo for the weapon was also used as money. Metro: Exodus this system was removed and instead introduced the craft: at the levels needed to collect trash, which is converted into chemicals and materials. With their help workstations allow you to create useful items, including ammunition.

4A Games has also expanded the combat system. To an open combat and stealth were added mid-stage: hidden enemies can be killed or incapacitated, keep them. The animation of the attack of the protagonist is now dependent on what weapon is in his hands, the speed with which it moves and from what angle to attack.

In addition, Metro: Exodus tracks your style of play. For example, if you mercilessly slaughtered all members of the same faction, this faction will meet you more hostile. If you have them spare, and the subsequent clashes in some way will become softer. Faction Metro: Exodus live isolated from each other. In the demo for Game Informer showed religious fanatics who worship a huge lake fish.

Your home in Metro: Exodus train “Aurora”. During the journey, he is constantly changing: new cars of different types with new characters.

The game will be the transport of various kinds. 4A Games has not stopped at this moment, but Game Informer saw Artyom crossing the lake by boat.

The plot 2033 and Last Light takes place over several game days. Metro: Exodus events will last for 12 months. Each sandbox is associated with the time of year. Say, fall, you will spend somewhere in the mountains with bears, mutants, and the summer — in desert environment, where the towering burning oil platform.

Additional weapon attachments can now be moved from one trunk to another. However, guns need care: if you do not attend your workstation quite often, the weapon becomes dirty. It will never break completely, but can begin in literally spitting mud, and knockdown will decrease.


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