New Cars Fest 2017: in Kiev, a festival of new vehicles


From children’s to electric cars Tesla

On New Cars Fest 2017 you can get acquainted with various types of electric transport, ranging from children’s electric buggy and Bicycle, ending with the Tesla and the BMW i3.

In Kiev continues the festival of new vehicles in which every person can test the presented models of cars in real conditions.

At the stand devoted to electric vehicles and hybrids, pride of place is the VW Golf “battery powered” Tesla, BMW i3, electric and hybrid Hyundai IONIQ and Renault Kangoo Z. E. and Nissan Leaf. In addition, New Cars Fest 2017, you can get closer (and even buy!) different types of electric vehicles. The festival presents electric buggy for children electric bicycles and environmentally friendly ATVs.

We will remind, today is the last day of the festival, so hurry up to see and test the new car industry!

Work time New Cars Fest from 20:00.


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