New budget Tesla will come with a circulation of a million cars a year


Новая бюджетная Tesla выйдет тиражом миллион авто в год About the company’s plans said its CEO is Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has stated that in the near future there will be a presentation of the available versions of Modal electrocreaser Y. This model will get an approximate circulation of 1 million copies for the year.

According to a statement from the foreign source, the innovative new product will be available no earlier than 2020. Recall that originally planned to start the implementation earlier. But Elon Musk explained that the development of a new model specially made more accessible.

The target audience of the current project will be the people with the highest incomes. This is the priority of the company and will allow to return investments and past profits.

Also the head of Tesla Motors added that for him it’s a very exciting project, which will be solved and eliminated the major problem of past models.

Among them, the modernization of the design will be done such that the car was more attractive to buyers and more easier to manufacture.

Experts are now skeptical different grandiose statements of Elon musk. The reason was earlier the company’s plans, which were also presented very pompous. But there is every chance that this time all the plans will be implemented in the new model.


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