Never know 60-year-old Madonna has drastically changed the image


The singer got a boob job and became a brunette.

Fresh appearance of American pop singer Madonna in new photo in her Instagram account is not casual, decided Western journalists and sought advice to plastic surgeons.

It should be noted that photos of the singer really shocked the fans, because they are the idol appeared before the users in the image of the burning brunette. And this time the head was not a wig, and really radically change the color of the hair of a celebrity.

And while some users have discussed whether a new color to face star, the most attentive noticed that the face of the Madonna is also significantly changed, and it is not in photoshop.

A detailed investigation was carried out by American journalists, they turned to leading plastic surgeons (not what may have done the operation, because professional ethics and doctor-patient confidentiality would not allow them to disclose such a secret) and found out that the singer suffered “a recent facelift, lifting upper and lower eyelids, brow lift, buccal fat removal” and some other manipulations of cosmetic nature.

And really profile celebrities became thinner, the face clearer, and the skin looks fresher, like after laser procedures and chemical peeling.


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