NES Game Machine Mini – game console with 500 classic games from the inside.


Nintendo not long ago I sold a video game console NES Classic – modern smaller copy of the original console, the NES 90-ies of the last century, which was sewn at least 30 games. It is quite small, especially as the game it cannot record, and true fans of classic toys will love the other consoles – NES Game Machine Mini, which is now sold in the online store TomTop at a very nice price.

NES Game Machine Mini looks like a real NES from Nintendo and is just 500 built-in games: Yes even the beloved “contra” and all the things that many of us played as a child for hours. Yes, “teenage mutant Ninja Turtles” is also available, where the same without them.

All that is required to return to those happy moments of childhood is to order a NES Game Machine Mini TomTop for the price of just $22 with coupon “CSTNES” free shipping (offer valid until 30 October inclusive), to wait for the promised parcel and just connect your console to the antenna input of your TV.

This method of connection enables the console to work even on the old CRT TV that will provide the maximum effect of the return to bygone times. Dimensions of new items are 12х10х4 cm, and it weighs only 137 grams. Package includes two classic joystick-style Nintendo NES.


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