Nerf Junior weapons dangerous to the eye, warn doctors


Nerf - детское оружие, опасное для глаз, предупреждают врачи

Doctors eye hospital in London have warned that bullets fired from rifles children’s company Nerf, can severely injure the eyes.

To the hospital three times complained of internal bleeding in the eye, pain and ripples in the eyes, after they are accidentally hit by such bullets children.

Doctors in a paper in the journal BMJ Case reports is advised to wear special protective glasses when handling these toys and I believe that the age limit for children’s use of guns should be reviewed.

In turn, the company Hasbro, producing toy guns Nerf, advises not to aim for the face and eyes, but insists that its products undergo rigorous validation and meets all the safety regulations.

  • “The standard of “good mother” to resist is extremely difficult”
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The company also recommends the use of only produced by the pellets.

Strength and speed

Nerf gun, which is manufactured by Hasbro, is designed for children aged 8 years and older.

The company sells additional bullets and arrows to their guns, but in the market there are cheaper alternatives from other manufacturers.

According to ophthalmologists from the emergency Department of the eye hospital from Moorfields, bullets from other manufacturers more stringent and can cause additional harm, although many parents are unaware.


I thought I was forever lose my sight

Nerf - детское оружие, опасное для глаз, предупреждают врачиThe holder illustratiion CASE REPORT

Sarah Smith played with the children in January of this year, when her husband accidentally hit her with the Nerf gun at close range.

According to her, in the eye immediately turned black, as if someone had put there in black ink.

“It was terribly painful and scary because I didn’t see anything – says Sarah. – I decided that all was lost of view.”

20 minutes later a vision was restored, but was periodically misted over, and sometimes in the eye arose “flash light”.

The next day Sarah went to the emergency room where she was told that she had a flattening of the pupil.

Her eyesight was restored completely only after six months.

Now toy guns in her house are locked, and sons that are 4 and 5 years, you are allowed to use them only in goggles and adult supervision.

My eye!

Seven-year-old son of Natalie Hearn-Smith friend accidentally hit by a bullet in the eye almost in focus.

“I heard his eerie squeal, she cried out and burst into the room, says Natalie. – He was rolling on the floor and cried mom, mom, mom, my eyes… Eyes look like son went ten rounds in the ring, it was just awful.”

According to Natalie, her son had to go for a consultation at the eye hospital, to drip into the eyes antibiotics and smear it with a special ointment.

Fortunately, his vision fully recovered, but he has since been banned in the house with a toy gun and believes that her son has a “very, very lucky.”


The report, compiled by doctors from Moorfields, describes three case Nerf guns, which injured two adults and one child.

  • 32-year-old man was wounded in the eye, when from a distance of 8 meters shot him a child. The victim has red eyes, and vision was clouded.
  • 43-year-old woman bullet from the gun hit in the right eye with a meter distance. She also complained of eye pain and redness, and blurred vision.
  • 11-year-old boy, the bullet got into his right eye from two metres, and he was observed all the same symptoms.

All patients after inspection was prescribed eye drops, and every few weeks her eyesight returned to normal.

Safety glasses

Fortunately for all three of the victims all ended well, however, doctors warn that bullets fired from such guns as Nerf, have decent speed and can hit to cause long-term loss of vision.

One of the victims told the doctors that he personally saw on the Internet “numerous videos showing kids how to modify their (toy) guns to shoot farther, faster and stronger”.

According to doctors, “all these cases show how serious could be the injuries from pellets fired from shotguns, and are reminded of the need to use protective glasses when handling them.”

While doctors admit that more research is needed that would prove the increase in the number of eye injuries result from the use of such toy guns.

The study authors also say that they can’t give advice about the safe distance at which you can use these toy guns, drawing on the experience of only three victims.

A thorough check

In an official statement of Hasbro says the safety of its production is for the firm’s “top priority”.

“The NERF products are based on decades of research and customer feedback, and are carefully check to ensure that they are safe and a pleasure to play,” says the company.

“Arrows and bullets NERF foam is not dangerous when used correctly, insists Hasbro. But buyers should never aim at face or eyes and should always use only foam bullets and Darts intended for NERF guns. In sale there are other bullets and Darts, the producers of which claim that they are compatible with NERF guns, but they are not marked with our trademark and may not meet our safety regulations,” – said in a statement.


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