Near the North pole has registered a thunderstorm


Dozens of lightning was was 2,500 kilometres North of the Arctic circle.

Branch of the American weather service, which operates in Alaska, said that on August 10 of 500 kilometers from the North pole was was several tens of lightning. Thundercloud, usually associated with a relatively warm and humid climate, but because of global warming they began to appear in the Arctic, reported the online edition of the with reference to

This year the Arctic had a record heat wave, which led to rapid melting of glaciers in Greenland and sea level rise. Now to abnormal weather events were added and thunderstorms. Despite the fact that they are sometimes recorded above the Arctic circle, as a rule, as you move to higher latitudes, their frequency decreases. Now they noticed at a distance of 2500 kilometers North of it.

In the tropics lightning can beat with a frequency of ten times per year per square kilometer; in the temperate latitudes several times. Local bright the sun is able to warm the earth’s surface and to raise the large masses of humid air, the friction of the particles which generates an electric discharge. So cold in the Arctic, the frequency of lightning even hundreds of times lower than in mid-latitudes, and is of the order of 0.01 per square kilometre per year.

This time a lightning storm recorded, where normally they would not have to appear at all. According to researchers, the mechanism of occurrence of thunderstorms in this region different from the usual and is associated not only with the heating surface, but with the formation of a warm layer of air in the middle layers of the atmosphere.


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