Near the ISS flew over the object, reminiscent of the mythical ship of the TR-3B


Возле МКС пролетел объект, напоминающий мифический корабль TR-3B Ufologists saw the similarity of the UFO secret space ship.

Many ufologists and ordinary users showed interest in the broadcast from the ISS. After a certain time, the network appeared interesting clipping from a recording: the user kingwily200 noticed a strange glowing object.

In the video seen the amazing landscape of endless space, as well as the station itself, brightened by the rays of the Sun. However, as it turned out, besides the camera, the shot hit and the other device.

Amid the purple of ocean is seen as something “blinks” and shimmers. The object of their appearance and lights reminded all spacecraft. Scientists do not comment on the observed anomaly, therefore, it is likely to be a secret. In the network have long been rumours about a secret unit of the TR-3B, which belongs to the tactical intelligence of the United States.

Ufologist Scott Waring, in turn, believes that the TR-3B is a modified military-air forces of the USA the alien ship that can fly to the moon from the Earth in a matter of minutes.

Some users have suggested that flashing lights could be a reflection of the ISS from the water surface and in the atmosphere were distorted picture.


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