Near the dead sea there are several thousands of huge craters


Рядом с мертвым морем появилось несколько тысяч огромных воронок The diameter of some of these objects more than 50 meters.

Each year, the level of the dead sea is reduced to a record low, with the result that the water recedes more than a meter. Because the sea has significant reserves of salt, it is during the drying remains, in consequence of which there is subsidence of land. In the end, are formed grooves, which is called castor craters.

Now scientists have counted nearly 6.5 thousand craters near the Dead sea. Some of them are in diameter greater than 50 meters. Ali deals with the study of craters for seventeen years. All the while, he draws the authorities ‘ attention to the problems of the sea, of which there are many.

Mature landscape, including many “salty diamonds”, no doubt, very beautiful. Now ordinary people can not enjoy the nature of the Dead sea — castor funnel fenced, they can only get from a specialist.


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