Near the coast of Turkey sank the ship, which visited the Crimea


Недалеко от берегов Турции затонул корабль, который побывал в КрымуThe ship split in half.

Off the coast of Turkey crashed ship Leonardo, who has repeatedly called for the port of Kamysh-Burun occupied Crimea for the transport of ilmenite for the plant “Titan”.

The incident occurred in the night from 26 to 27 August. The ship was in ballast (without cargo) from Rostov-on-don in the Turkish port of Tuzla – after August 8, 2017, delivered another consignment of 3,000 tonnes of ilmenite ore from the Turkish port of Samsun to the port of Kamysh-Burun.

The video shows that the ship broke almost in the middle of the body. The aft part of the ship had been taken by Turkish rescuers to shore.


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