NBA: Toronto and Denver was led in the semi-finals of conferences


In the main basketball League in the world continues with the second round of the playoffs.

Toronto due to lingering spurt in the second quarter broke the Phillies and closer to the Eastern conference finals. Six players the raptors have scored at least 10 points, and the best of the owners was Pascal Siakam, who managed to fully make up for a weak performance in the fifth game. Have
Philadelphia fell just two key starting player Ben Simmons and J. J. Redick together scored only 10 points and ended the match with a total figure utility “-29”.

Toronto – Philadelphia 125:89 (27:26, 37:17, 28:27, 33:19)

T: Siakam (25+8 rebounds), Leonard (21+13 rebounds), Lowry (19+6 rebounds).
F: Butler (22+7 assists), Harris (15+6 rebounds), Embiid (13+6 rebounds).

The account in a series – 3:2.

Denver seized control of the series with the “Portland” smashing “Blazers” on their home court. The nuggets allowed Damien Lillard and the company will implement only 36% of shots from the game, including 10 of 37 three-pointers. “Denver” on top played the key players – Nikola jokić scored a solid double-double and received quality support from Paul Millsap and Jamal Murray. The leaders of Portland, Damien Lillard and C. J. MacCallum for two made 23 missed games with a total figure utility “-47”.

Denver – Portland 124:98 (31:25, 34:22, 28:18, 31:33)

D: jokić (25+19 rebounds+6 assists), Millsap (24+8 rebounds), Murray (19+9 assists).
P: Lillard (22+6 rebounds), hood (14), Collins (14).

The account in a series – 3:2.


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