NBA: “Golden state” defeated “Denver”, “Memphis” beat “clippers”


In the strongest basketball League in the world completed the next day.

The reigning NBA champion Golden state due to the shock of the third quarter took the victory from the den “Denver”. Each of the four stars of the Warriors have scored at least 15 points, and reservists added another 42 points. Golden state won the third victory in a row and topped the Western conference.

Player of the match: Stephen Curry (22+11 assists).

“Memphis” after two defeats against Eastern teams got another win status. “Grizzlies” following the “Golden State” and “Houston” was able to put on the blades and clippers. The guests only two players going to the site, failed to score at least 10 points. Four spare brought the team 45 points and secured a double-digit advantage over his opponent.

Player of the match: Mike Conley (22 points).

“Detroit” for the first time since 2008, scored seven victories in ten games of the season. In the home match against “Sacramento” “pistons” implemented 13 long-distance shots, but Andre Drummond has ensured the hosts ‘ advantage in the paint.

Player of the game: Avery Bradley (24 points).

“New Orleans” in overtime put the squeeze on “Chicago” and earned their fifth win of the season. Anthony Davis and DeMarcus cousins spent on the site more than 84 minutes on account of the duet of leaders of the “Pelicans” for 52 points and 27 rebounds. Bench “new Orleans” outplayed the hosts with a double-digit advantage.

Player of the match: Anthony Davis (27+16 rebounds).

The results of the matches of the day:

Clippers – Memphis 104:113 (25:27, 31:33, 24:27, 24:26)

Detroit – Sacramento 108:99 (29:26, 23:23, 33:25, 23:25)

Chicago – new Orleans 90:96 OT (19:17, 19:21, 26:19, 19:26, 7:13)

Minnesota – Dallas 112:99 (27:18, 32:31, 34:20, 19:30)

Denver – Golden State 108:127 (23:36, 31:24, 21:43, 32:24)


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