NBA: “Cleveland” and “San Antonio” win, “Oklahoma” again stumbles


Over the ocean, in the strongest basketball League in the world continues regular season.

Cleveland, despite 40 points Giannis Antetokounmpo, Ohio coped with Milwaukee. The Cavaliers once again allowed the opponent too much from his ring, but due to aggressive play in the paint and the best season of the match from Kevin love still managed to avoid a fiasco.

Player of the match: Kevin Love (32+16 rebounds).

Shock third quarter allowed the “San Antonio” to deal with “clippers”. After the break, “spurs” the collective efforts of organized long burst and prematurely closed the question about the winner of the match. Three players the hosts have scored at least 20 points, and the most effective familiar was Lamarcus Aldridge (25+6 rebounds).

Player of the match: Rudy gay (22+7 rebounds).

Oklahoma suffered one crash after another. The all-star team, Billy Donovan managed to lose 15-point lead in the away match against “Sacramento”. “Thunder” scored humiliating for his powerful attacks 86 points. Trio Westbrook-George Anthony is not implemented 39 shots during the game, gaining a modest 48 points.

Player of the match: buddy Heald (21+7 assists).

“Philadelphia” for the first time in more than five years gave a winning streak of five matches and climbed to fifth place in the Eastern conference. Guests of the first capital of the United States extended the crisis, “Utah”, which after a promising start loses one match after another. The players “Philadelphia” implemented 12 shots won the shield and allowed the owners to realize less than one third of attempts with the game.

Player of the match: Dario Saric (25+10 rebounds).

The results of the matches of the day:

Washington – Dallas 99:113 (34:36, 19:28, 23:26, 23:23)

Indiana – New Orleans 112:117 (37:34, 38:27, 19:35, 18:21)

Cleveland – Milwaukee 124:119 (39:28, 26:39, 29:23, 30:29)

Toronto – Chicago 119:114 (29:26, 36:19, 33:36, 21:33)

New York – Charlotte 118:113 (32:41, 26:28, 25:25, 35:19)

San Antonio – L. A. Clippers 120:107 (32:26, 20:29, 40:21, 28:31)

Denver – Brooklyn 112:104 (28:21, 29:25, 36:27, 19:31)

Utah – Philadelphia 97:104 (21:32, 23:14, 27:34, 26:24)

Sacramento – Oklahoma 94:86 (10:25, 32:16, 25:16, 27:29)

Portland – Memphis 97:98 (21:23, 29:24, 21:27, 26:24)


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