Navalny is becoming more dangerous for the Kremlin


Навальный становится всё опаснее для Кремля

As soon as the Kremlin was able to stop the resonance caused by the film FBK “you do not Dimon” tells about the current Prime Minister, as the light came a new high-profile investigation. This time the object of attack was the nearest environment of Vladimir Putin.

Video “Son Peskov: from a British prison in the Russian elite”, dedicated to the luxurious life of the unemployed offspring press Secretary of the President, has the potential to become equally popular in the Internet. For the first day only on YouTube it was viewed more than 1.2 million people.

That story FBK hit the target, shows the reaction of the main character Nicholas Colza — Peskov son from his first marriage, bearing the surname of his stepfather, an Englishman. “It’s a nightmare just,” commented Cols publication, calling it a “provocation”. “Well, what else is it? The horror” — he said RBC.

If you believe the video for such a reaction is reasonable. Cowls leads in Russia “sweet” life, travels, engaged in horseback riding, owns a fleet of luxury cars and thus ignores the law — 116 has unpaid fines for traffic violations in a year.

Exposing Colza, Bulk reminds viewers of the wedding of his father on the most expensive yacht in the world “Maltis Falcon”, whose weekly rent is 26 million rubles. Thus he connects unreasonably rich, but free from formal restrictions of the law, Colza and current civil servant Dmitry Peskov.

Meanwhile, a couple of Sands and his son, it is the latter looks the main target of the Bulk because it allows you to appeal to the young generation of Russians, claiming that it deprived thus of social mobility. “Our country is fit for such as Nicholas Cols” — sums up the opposition.

Only at the end of the video, the audience understands his purpose. “If you don’t want to endure this, then proceed. Right now the signature for the candidate whose program has an article on the fight against illicit enrichment,” — said the opposition leader, referring to himself. However, he promises to send in the dock, and then to jail all the officials who fail to report their income.

Further, the Bulk goes to the person of the President, lamenting that his opposition does not want “to put on elections.” Thus the words quoted Putin Navalny: “in order to fight corruption, first of all have to be crystal honest”. That court has twice recognized Navalny fraud, the politician is silent.

Note that the facts set forth in the latest video Bulk require verification. So, the information from the movie “you do not Dimon” relating to oligarch Alisher Usmanov, was previously recognized by the court as untrue. The other day the judgment came into force and now Navalny will have to remove fragments of the film.

Noteworthy is the fact that a new investigation into Navalny appeared shortly before an opposition rally in Moscow on 26 August. After the movie “He’s not Dimon” recall, too, there were meetings.

However, the Chairman of the Board of the Center for political technologies, Boris Makarenko doubts that the new investigation of the FBC to repeat the success of the movie “He’s not Dimon.”

For me the number of views is not evidence of resonance. I think the effect of the new investigation will be weaker than the movie about the Prime Minister, for the reason that not the scale of the figure. In addition, in the last movie it was about corruption and this thing is really resonant. In this case, we received information about the representative of “Golden youth”, that “the upper classes”, according to Navalny, live on his own. But this is not news. In this, and so convinced a large part of the population.

“SP”: — However, Navalny is appealing specifically to the younger part of the audience, emphasizing the fact that they never will…

— Navalny feels the audience, plays to emotions, so any effect will get. But this is unlikely to be not comparable to past history. People just received new evidence of what they already know.

In turn, member of the Board of movement ‘Golos’ Arkady lyubarev electoral evaluates the success of Bulk skeptical.

— It is clear that investigations FBC is all politics. As for the elections, it is known that Navalny aims to run for President, but today he had no such right. He probably wants uncoiling his name resonant “cases”, including and to achieve this right.

The idea, apparently, is that if such a well-known popular politician will not be admitted to the elections, their result will not be recognized as fully legitimate.

“SP”: — it is Theoretically possible to change the law banning convicts from running. There is still a year…

— In fact, years gone. For a possible change in the law was left with just three or four months. Since the elections will be scheduled in December, the law needs to be changed before the start of the campaign, i.e. until the end of November. In addition, you need time to procedure the changes. It is quite long, although it is clear that if there is a need to do it quickly. But the chance of a change here rapidly decrease.

Another option is the abolition of the sentences of the Bulk. It’s even more simple way. Since the law banning convicts from running directed not only against the Bulk, but also others. Therefore, the specific judgment on the Bulk is an easier way than to change the law. It can initiate and the ECHR, but then speed is important…

“SP”: — it Seems that the Strasbourg cases are about how the laws in the state Duma. Depending on political expediency…

— Anyway, the Bulk of its activity is trying to increase their chances. And besides, this is work for the future. Even if he did take part in these elections, his chances of winning are practically nil.

“SP”: — Why? In the elections of Moscow mayor, he had collected almost a third of the votes…

— The country has a huge mass, tens of millions of conservative minded people who trust Putin and to persuade them to your side for a short time is impossible. Even when access to television. Moreover, the authorities have the possibility of counter-propaganda.

To overestimate the result of Navalny in Moscow is not necessary. He gathered 27%, but with a rather low turnout. Moreover, Moscow has always voted differently than the main part of Russia. Moreover, while Bulk rather actively held meetings with voters. Across the capital it’s real, but across Russia — no. To persuade the Russian provinces on his side, he had practically no chance.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Russian students ‘ Union, Yury Nakonechny, social mobility of Russian youth work and the activities of Navalny due to his personal political goals, and not real problems.

— In Russia always there was a division between rich and poor. Were princes, noblemen, and were ordinary peasants and workers. Even in the USSR there were rich, and they lived differently. Apparently this bundle will always be. Yes, now this division we have expressed very clearly. Only 2-3% of people own 90% of all monetary resources of the country. This is especially noticeable if you look at the so-called “Golden youth”.

In the business community there is a famous phrase that “the first million” stole everything. But we weren’t there. No evidence who made a fortune as a Bulk does not. It’s all on the level of appeals. Of course young people have to impose their ideas easily, they are more “plastic”. Navalny is playing on the negative.


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