National treasure of the country to “valued partners”


Национальное достояние страны для "уважаемых партнеров"

Russia in the past two years has steadily moved into first place in the world in oil production, ahead of the United States and Saudi Arabia. However, the late 90-ies of the last century oligarchic capitalist system cares only about their own enrichment, even if it is directly related to the weak ruble and impoverishment of the population.

A simple example of a vicious circle, in which compradors drove the Russian people – the continuing increase in fuel prices. Many media outlets noted the growth of a liter of 92-octane and 95-octane gasoline to $ 5 a week. And this is at the record high prices (over the last four years) oil prices and expectation of further growth.

In our postmodernista reality does not work even the classic laws of the market like “demand determines supply”. The price of gasoline is almost ten times faster than inflation and grow almost daily – regular visitors of the filling stations do not have a lot to tell about it. Inflation targeting, which seems to be successfully engaged in the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina, is not helping. Does not improve the situation and stable growth of the value of a barrel of oil. Last time such dynamics of growth took place four years ago – before the collapse of January 2015. Businessmen from the financial and economic block immediately caught on this fact, calling it the cause of the rise in price of gasoline.

This opinion was expressed by first Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank Ksenia Yudaeva and the representative of the Ministry of Finance Alexander Sazanov. I wonder where were our economists in 2015 and 2016? After all, throughout the period of cheap oil prices on fuel in Russia the same way steadily crept up.

The picture will be complete if the subject factor of the undervalued ruble, which through the efforts of market players from the same CB fans to spend Millard on the “Forex market”, with growing of oil continues to fall down. Simple statistics shows that the cost of a barrel above $ 65. the Russian budget is filled with petrodollars more than half. In dollars calculate your profit all Russian oil giants (“Rosneft”, “LUKOIL”, “Gazpromneft”), which owns 60% of gas stations in our country. Thus, the welfare of raw oligarchs very disruptive to both the growth of the ruble against the dollar, and cheap gasoline. On the first point, judging by the statements of the responsible persons at the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank with them full consensus.

“You see, now there is no hard, direct dependence of oil and the exchange rate. The ruble is now a lot of that effect. Including the decision of the Federal reserve, which is expected to raise rates, so we will see. We are also not interested in the consolidation rate (!!!)”, – so said Finance Minister Siluanov (now first Deputy Prime Minister) in the summer of 2016.

And his office strictly adheres to the stated line. This year, the Ministry of Finance planned to buy a record 46 billion dollars, and the total for 2018-2021. the government purchase on the market more than 150 billion. investment in us green paper will be one of the largest articles of expenditures of the Federal budget. Central Bank will continue regular buying of us government bonds by the orders of the fed. That is, the pod will continue to be filled, the ruble is artificially constrained, and the economy (especially the real sector) and will not receive new infusions. And oil companies will continue to thrive- on the sidelines of the SPIEF-2018 Siluanov said the Government does not intend to impose additional taxes on their windfall and is not going to pour into the budget, “opportunistic income” (an expression of the Minister) from high oil prices.

And on the second point, speculative price of gasoline – differences among the liberals in power with raw oligarchs, until recently, was not. The excise tax on fuel and mining increased annually, but paying for it had you and – directly at the gas station. And in 2018, was planned twice-a-day excise tax increase, as previously reported by Silvanus.

But it seems the absurdity of the current pricing came before the Supreme government, which intervened in the situation. For 15 years, President Vladimir Putin called the gasoline prices “speculation”, promised to investigate, “slapped hands” to the fuel producers, which could “collude” (words of the President). And that from 1 July the Government decided (obviously unscheduled) for the first time in many years, to reduce excises on fuel: diesel – about two thousand rubles per ton, on gasoline – three thousand.

Will this measure motorists and carriers. If our raw compradors that implement most of its products abroad, will continue to create an artificial fuel shortage in Russia, aligning their export profits with imports, the situation will continue to worsen. System navarivanija on ordinary citizens is very simple, just yesterday it was revealed Federal Antimonopoly service posted on its website an official warning to the company “Rosneft”.

Citing data from the Saint-Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX), the FAS indicates that since the beginning of the year and on may 23 the national stock exchange index the mark on gasoline AI-92 rose by 33.1%, AI-95 – by 33%, summer diesel fuel – 23%. Retail gasoline prices increased by 3.5% and on diesel fuel by 4.1%. As reported by the head of Department of regulation of fuel and energy complex and chemical industry of FAS Dmitry Makhonin, one of the reasons of sharp growth of prices for automobile gasoline and diesel fuel is the reduction in the oil companies of the volumes of motor fuel on the domestic market

“The main share of the decrease in sales of oil products the share of “Rosneft”. The company issued a warning that the deadline to 8 June 2018 in which “Rosneft” should cease to violate the antitrust laws. The FAS indicates that “Rosneft” should ensure production of light petroleum products and their stable supply to the domestic market in the amount of not less than 20% of the volume of oil produced in Russia”, – reads the statement of the FAS.

But compradors operate on very different principles, including moral. Pumping oil in Russia, they are focused primarily on the supply of “valued partners” in the West, and of course myself (petrodollars). Constantly growing revenue for gasoline in the country is just a nice bonus prize to the basic income. If something goes wrong, you can always use the option “call a friend”. So, a few hours after warning of “Rosneft”, it disappeared from the website of the FAS.

“Indeed, today the site of the FAS Russia published a release about the results of Rosneft warnings. However, it was removed due to technical inaccuracies. Tomorrow in the morning on the website of the FAS of Russia will be published the full version of the release about the issuance of warnings,” – said TASS in the press service of the FAS.

It is not surprising that at the time of completion of this material (29 may) full version release on the website of the FAS have not been published. One joy – I think we have established the root cause of the “Golden gasoline”. Devastation reigns not so much in the stock indices, as in the minds of our Pro-Western “elite”.


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