Natalia Walewska appeared before the public in an unexpected way


36-year-old singer boasted a flawless face without makeup.

Natalia Valevskaya was recorded a little video for Instagram podeschi, during which told about the miraculous serum, which helps her to look young and beautiful always. But the most important is the fact that the singer was filming the video, being made up and surprised users of the social network.

It is worth noting that without make-up, Natalia looks even younger than it actually is, and several dearer, than with a bright make-APOM. The singer said that he tries in everyday life do not wear mascara, because before concerts she’s doing intense makeup and skin may grow old ahead of time. Although, on the face Walewska no hint of age.

Few stars can boast the natural beauty and to display photos where they were taken without makeup.


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