Natalia Mogilevskaya suddenly open up about his personal life


I miss “his” man, the star admits.

Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilev admitted that still have not met “your man”.

About it it is told in the project “Dances with stars” on channel “1+1”.

The singer recalled the period of their relationship with the choreographer Vlad Yama, with whom he danced in the first and third seasons of “Dancing with the stars.”

“Vlad – such a fairytale Prince. Our relationship was about generosity, dignity, but my passion, all my fire there was not,” she said.

According to Mogilev, her life has been a lot of love but really her man she never met.

“I was a cruel man, a real bitch,” she confessed.

The singer said that he feels her man is.

“You miss him and ask: “what took you so long coming? What lessons should I take? How much better to be?” – open up the singer.

Mogilev said that after the divorce with her husband made the decision not to build relationships until you feel that will be a good wife and mother.


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