Natalia Kholodenko showed the grown son


Ukrainian psychologist rarely shares such photos.

Natalia Kholodenko has posted in Instagram photo, on which she is depicted with her son.

Signed by the owner of the account these images: “the Children give us a second chance to be children. They are great creatives, talantlivyj whiners and the greatest teacher on Earth. My son has suffered the most from my way of life. He didn’t see me for weeks or seen a minute in the morning and 20 minutes before bedtime. Much is irretrievably lost and will never be repeated. I am grateful to him for the fact that it is still love despite my mistakes. Parents – we are not saints. For every something given, will have to give less and listen to your accusations in the future. I suggest not to idealize these relationships. We and our children just each other will hurt, upset, angry. We can be anything in a relationship, but the cost of enforcement and the desire to look beautiful. Let them be ugly, but honest! This is important because if you lie to them, then why are we given each other. Accept the mistakes and confess your love. The fact that you are blood relatives does not guarantee anything. All natural, and hence will be different!”.

Members thanked Natalia for the motivational post and family photos, which she indulges them infrequently.

Style, spelling and punctuation Natalia Kholodenko saved.


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